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Hi guys!!

On 7 february I´m organising a tournament in my local gaming club!!

Its in Belgium, so through this forum I wanna reach out to them!

There is a facebook group for the Belgian players, Mage Wars Belgium.

there I made an event with al the needed information ;)

I hope to see you guys there, and maybe some of the English, German and French players also :P


I'll share a trick we've adopted in my area. Players will invariably forget to bring counter boards to track life/mana/channeling. Just print off paper ones for when that happens.

for the moment I have 4 trays of myself ;)
but thanks for the advice!

Okay guys,

Looking to do the Belgian Mage Wars tournament on a saturday.

Either december'ish or February'ish, maybe March'ish

You'll have to bring your own Core set, becaus I don't have enough arena's and counters for...well more than one battle... ^^

Also you'll need your own spellbook. you''' have to email your list in advance to me for a quick check up.

I don't know the enry fee yet...

All I have to know is, if there are enough people intrested in it and if you guys can come on a sturday ^^

So thanks in advance en let me know if you can  8)

You probably mean power rune. It provides discount for your spellbounded spell (elemental wand, mage wand) or a discount for built in spells (wand of healing).

yes that's the one (hadn't had my stuff with me)
Ok now I get it, so for example:

I cast Helm of command and give him the power rune (paying 5 mana), and atachtPower strike to it.

Then if I cast power strike I only have to cast it for 1 mana?

THanks guys!! ;)

I've got a question to, one of his runes says "pay -1 mana"
but you need to pay 1 mana extra for the rune... so what's te use for that rune?...

Or am I misunderstanding his ability?? :)

Ha ha. maybe but O am a kiwi, though I live in The Netherlands.

Haha, It´s oooooon!!!!!  8)


You betcha!!

Glad you two have matched up.  Now Belgium can become a Mage Wars powerhouse and make the Americans tremble !!!

Oow yeah!! Tremble in fear!!!

And as soon as my local gamestore merchant is back from his (weldiserved) holiday.
I'll start planning my tournament, so you Americans can come and thest us?? NO? ;)

Wow okay thanks!!

Wel thats a good idea Pete ;)

Wel actualy it isn't really a strore more like a gaming club but we have a boardgame shop as a partner ;)

Here is the link of our site:
http://www.hqgames.be/ (if this is permitted?)

Just make an account and come see us on one off the days that we're open :)
Sent me a PM in advance, then I'll come to so that we can discuss some things :)
Like how to start a tournament.

And bring your neighbour along!!!! :O

Ok  I`ve read it all.

Now I can start looking for a date and players :)

Thanks again guys ;)

Okay thanks everyone!!! ;)

I'll read it all properly tommorow morning ( I'm from Belgium) 22.00h here atm....
I have a gameing club in Sint-Niklaas for the Belgians among us ;)


Hellow fellow gamers,

I`m playing MW for 3months now and I really like it!!

Now I`m thinking of starting a little tournament in my local gamestore.

I`ve already seen tournaments of Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, Malifaux,... But never one of MW.
So my question is:`` How do I do this?``

Is there a certain rulespack? Is it also with the swiss-pairings?
Spellbooks? I only have one Core set so it is shure not enough for a tournement, where do I get more arena`s?

I know it are alot of questions.... but if they all got answered I would be a real happy gamer ;)

Thanks in advance

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