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Hi guys!!

On 7 february I´m organising a tournament in my local gaming club!!

Its in Belgium, so through this forum I wanna reach out to them!

There is a facebook group for the Belgian players, Mage Wars Belgium.

there I made an event with al the needed information ;)

I hope to see you guys there, and maybe some of the English, German and French players also :P


Hellow fellow gamers,

I`m playing MW for 3months now and I really like it!!

Now I`m thinking of starting a little tournament in my local gamestore.

I`ve already seen tournaments of Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, Malifaux,... But never one of MW.
So my question is:`` How do I do this?``

Is there a certain rulespack? Is it also with the swiss-pairings?
Spellbooks? I only have one Core set so it is shure not enough for a tournement, where do I get more arena`s?

I know it are alot of questions.... but if they all got answered I would be a real happy gamer ;)

Thanks in advance

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