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are these worth running as a forcemaster? i just found out that i own one copy of each (got x1 old core )
actually i just started playing as one yesterday, and i dont really know how to go for my defenses... many defense rolls? should i just stack up armor(add gloves/boots for armor)? i already run forge for galvitar/rings/one chest piece

maybe buckler too?

just enchantments like block  /etc?  im lost xD

Rules Discussion / intercept akiro's hammer
« on: February 05, 2018, 06:44:37 AM »
can you intercept the conjuration only attack from akiro's hammer?

Hello! i love this game ,but since i have tried so many games, im very critical about what i play
these are minor annoyances and  id like to know if other people have noticed it /care at all

I dont really like how the attack spells of every school feel special among each other, like  Lightining, earth,fire,etc

i see what people in arcane wonders try to do, adding special yellow dice effects, so each spell has something different, but  i dont think that's enough, especially if the yellow effect is 8+ and doesnt happen as often

like earth has heavy damaging attacks with slam/daze,  but is that only how earth is different from fire? like 2 dice more and a little side effect?    the same goes for other schools

we could toy with range, damage(which already happens but feels super minor to me) more effects/some effects you could rely on ,and more effects on spells without die i guess, any other ideas?

i know that we try to have a color pie, each element does it differently , but maybe we havent gone to different enough yet, or maybe im just too demanding? id love if casting a fire spell/lightning /eath spell would actually feel more unique and not just throwing 1-2 more or less dice

another thing i noticed is the circle of pet abilities some feel very similar, and not every mage has to have a pet , but seeing the new mages etc we have toyed with many new and cool abilities (really like paladin/siren)

its pretty hard to design similar but different abilities i guess :/

flavor text could also improve ,some are really funny, others are pretty stupid/meh though

familiars/spawnpoints  kind of do what i like, are similar but different with dmg spells is the design space limited or am i just seeing things that arent there?

one last one, is new cards that are worse than older cards, or dont have any use whatsever , or useless cards in general, i know that mistakes happen, and arcane wonders sure learns from them!

what is your opinion?

So i recently got mage wars,played my first two games yesterday, and had a blast! (apprentice warlock vs wizard)  and written books in the rulebooks necromancer vs wizard!

And i was thinking how awesome a Lich creature would be!  Since the necro was standing behind his horde, and as a man who respects the dead was sending them to do the work for him

why not have a caster to do your deeds aswell?

i imagine it as a Huge familiar, with maybe higher than normal familiar channeling(3-5), able to cast non creature spells, or dark/necro spells  (because another spawnpoint isnt needed)   because it's like a 2nd Mage for the player that casts it,  it should have some serious drawbacks , like need extra big mana cost, (like 20 ?) or a payment of a heavy load of life to cast him like pay 8 life   (lich needs a sacrifice/blood/ to reanimate that powerful body)  or have super low health for the casting cost, like 8 but with resilient or another idea is to not have life but to have 1-2 phylacteries that need to be destroyed  to die,or if he has life  they deal him direct dmg when they die, like 4 each ,you could hide them as enchantments,or they are normal small conjurations or something..havent though about that much yet.

i think it would be an awesome addition to the necromancer/dark school! but it really needs to be thought out to not be too powerful or so many drawbacks that it's  unplable, maybe it can have many drawbacks but it's powerful, that works i guess : P

another idea is it can easily turn to a boss fight in a battleground scenario, find the creatures that hold the liches' phylactery/ies while you try to not die to his powerful spells ,

so 2 ideas that popped up from my first play!

thanks for reading!

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