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only a couple weeks until mw indy. 11/15-17. let me know if you are able to make it. I can provide details for new folks. we have many who are planning on making it. tournament on 11/16 Saturday. super stoked and can't wait. see you soon

1 week until mw weekend here in indy. pm me for details if you don't already have them. getting super stoked for folks to get here and have a great time.

mw weekend is here!  stanyer due to arrive soon, followed by others...

canvassing for who can make the next mw weekend here in indy. checking on april 3-5 or april 17-19? pm me here or discord.

only a few more weeks until mw indy 4/3-5. let me know if you can make it and direct message me for details. several already have committed and looking forward to another great time.


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