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Author Topic: Notable Figures of Etheria  (Read 24596 times)


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Notable Figures of Etheria
« on: February 02, 2018, 11:16:55 AM »
Hey everybody. Longtime lurker, first-time poster here. Recently I've been trying to blend my two favorite hobbies, D&D and Mage Wars, into a campaign setting for my home game. Right now I am working on a map and general lore/history for all the nations of Etheria. That brings me to my point.

Does anyone know (and are at the liberty to say) the answers to any of the following questions? Or have they simply not been given answers? Thanks in advance!

  • What are the names of the Archmage of Westlock, Anchorite of Asyra, or Autokrator of Sortilege?
  • Is King Gavin the Second or Fourth king of Westlock? I've seen both. Also, what is his last name?
  • Empress Flavia Bellaus is the Empress of Ivarium and the General of its First Legion. How many Legions are there and have their Generals been named? What about the members of the Ivarium Senate?
  • Have the members of the Treemoot of Straywood Forest been named?
  • Do the Mages have official names? I know they are supposed to be generic but I've seen the name Telas Vane thrown around a lot and Cassius Lionheart appears in the flavor text on many paladin cards. Would these happen to be the names of the Arraxian Crown Warlock and the Paladin respectively?
  • I know General Terius Meraveran created the Grand Alliance, but did he ascend to godhood and is that why they have the Temple of Meraveran? Or did they just construct the temple to honor a great man?
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Re: Notable Figures of Etheria
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2022, 06:34:45 PM »
Oh   my   gods,
have I got a resource for you! :D


This website (the Etherian Lore portal) has been indispensable to me in my projects,
and, flawed as it is, it provides EXACTLY what is needed to construct the framework of a MW / D&D hybrid.

What's more is you and I have been working on similar ideas! I know at least one other person, with whom I've collaborated, who has originated this idea as well.

It's so exciting to me to see your post! :) Welcome to the forums! If you'd like to discuss and trade ideas related to an Etherian world D&D campaign-style game, I am all ears! Would work best for me to communicate via Discord. I'll set this to notify me of replies.
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