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ok the last of the favorites for a while. what is your favorite mage in mw. now, a couple rules. no discussions of tiers, no power discussion, no comparisons to other mages, no strata, no comparing mage stats, no exposition on training, no extensive list of creatures or spells to drive why you pick a certain mage, no dogma about how whatever mage you pick is so good, or anything like that at all. just simply what is your favorite mage to play. easy, quick. pick a mage and done. perhaps one sentence at most.

   I love wizards. all the other mages wish they were wizards. wizards are superior in every way to all other mages. all other mages look up at wizards from beneath him in their lower tiers wishing they were that awesome. top tier mage alone at the top of the competition shelf. the absolute pinnacle of power. no other mage comes close. one word: metamagic awesomeness combined with the coolest creatures, and a stat card that is the envy of all others. it is all about power, and the wizard excels at wielding it. heck there is even a song - lightning crashes. 10 channeling. what? that is great. in school mana enhancements. wow. what is the shortest distance between two points? a line you say? foolish imbeciles, of course the answer is teleport. what nerf. pah! hasn't changed anything. no other mage comes close. he is the strongest mage in relation to all of the others.

   all you new players don't listen to the inevitable naysayers. there is at least one in every crowd. here will be no different. they will offer up paltry stuff about some lame mage or other. just know, it is all wizard all the time. honestly not sure why they even bothered printing other mages. the game should have been called wizard wars.

Man, zot, breaking all of your own rules immediately.  What are you some kinda troll?  ::)

Forcemaster is easily my favorite.  The sheer power of being able to arrange the pieces on the board to your heart's desire and the amazing utility and different playstyles she's gained in the last few sets is just pure fun.

Viva la Force Pull!

My favorite mage has to be the paladin.

I always loved the Holy and War schools, and a mage with good training in both is just golden. Some of the best training in the game enables him to play in so many different ways without one being necessarily stronger than the other.

Straywood Beastmaster because i like my pets!

Necromancer feel a bit the same with the Eternal Servant.

Druids also,because we love our Tree!

Easily the Necromancer.

My MW circle agrees with me that my dice rolling has been, over all the time we’ve played, below par.

Necromancer has more ways to deal damage without rolling those $&*@& dice!


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