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Author Topic: Cardfight Mage Wars  (Read 2426 times)

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Cardfight Mage Wars
« on: February 19, 2017, 01:49:02 PM »
This is an idea that popped into my head today. It's a crossover between Cardfight Vanguard and Mage Wars. I'm not sure if I want to continue it or just leave it as a one-shot. Hope you like it!


Two mages faced each other across the rocky arena, spells at the ready.

“Pitiful, Toshiki. You can’t stop my Bloodcrag Minotaur’s attacks forever!” cried the general. That general had only a single soldier in his army, who growled its assent.

“You really think so, Makemi?” said the warrior of the Force with calm defiance, sprawled on the ground with what appeared to be a double-ended lightsaber without a handle lying on the ground beside him. “You’ve only managed to land one attack on me this entire time.”

“Quit calling me that! My name is Morikawa!”

Morikawa raised his hands high into the air, glowing with magical energy to cast a spell that would (he hoped) bring Toshiki to the brink of defeat, turning the duel around in his favor. But then he hesitated and lowered his hands.

“That hidden enchantment on you has got to be a bluff,” said Morikawa. “I already dispelled all your forcefields, and you can’t use a defense since you’re slammed.”
He lifted his hands into the air, and a boulder rose from the ground and hovered over them. He thrust his hands out, sending the boulder hurling through the air towards toshiki.

“I got you!”

“You’ve got nothing. You never stood a chance against me.”

“Say what?”

“I reveal my enchantment, Force Orb.”

“What!? But you can’t use defenses when you’re incapacitated!”

“Force orb isn’t just any defense. I can use it even when I’m incapacitated.”

The boulder crashed into an invisible barrier of force and bounced off.

Toshiki grabbed his lightsaber-like weapon and shakily rose to his feet.

He thrust his other hand out, telekinetically knocking Morikawa on his back, then charged at him.

“I reveal my enchantment, Akiro’s Favor!” said Toshiki.

Despite being dazed, Toshiki’s aim was still true, and he thrust the lightsaber-like weapon into the enemy mage’s chest.

“You lose, Makemi.”

Then the Forcemaster Toshiki cancelled all of his active spells, then turned his back on his fallen enemy and walked away. Toshiki Kai scooped his cards and markers, turned his back on his defeated opponent and walked out of the game shop, leaving a fuming Katsumi Morikawa behind him.
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