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Author Topic: Published Letters from The Wanderings of Amadseer the Cursed  (Read 4745 times)


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Published Letters from The Wanderings of Amadseer the Cursed
« on: December 08, 2013, 03:54:21 PM »
Published letters from The Wanderings of Amadseer the Cursed

For convenience sake, this thread serves to keep all the threads of the Wanderings of Amadseer the Cursed in one easily accessible place.


--Amadseer the Cursed, Wizard of Sortilege

1. Concerning the Emerald Tegu

2. Concerning the Darkfenne

3. Concerning Deathfangs and Warlords

4. Concerning the Orcish Slave Trade and Priestesses

5. Concerning Necropian Vampires and the Bog Queen

6. Concerning Thorg and the Sunken Temple of Necropoli

7. Concerning Concerning Ichthellids and Catacombs

Which is to say, that there are many diverse and interesting things in the world, none of which are comparable to the might and power of the Arraxian Crown. Those who would trifle with the power of Warlocks must forever learn this fundamental truth.

Amadseer is a Wizard of Sortilege, driven by Dark-compulsion to wander the land, following a string of highly humiliating Seeking Dispels (and accompanying jeers) that he successfully cast in a public duel with the Warlock Telas Vane. Now, unable to help himself, he writes of his travels wherever he goes, the creatures he encounters, and the lore with which he comes into contact. Such is the nature of his compulsion that he must publish all of his missives, and end each work with a short paragraph singing praises to the Arraxian Crown, and warning all about the follies of underestimating a Warlock.
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