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Author Topic: Some of my ideas.  (Read 2356 times)


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Some of my ideas.
« on: April 10, 2013, 01:21:50 AM »
First of all i want to say that this game is legendary.

There are some things that can be improved upon, here are some of my ideas that i am sure they crossed your minds aswell.

1.the playboard because it is so big it is hard to cary around, while i do enjoy the feeling of the cardboard, i am with the people that suggest a play mat is better for transportation.
Also it would be interesting if you could make different styles of play arenas , for example a type of arena in a field with 2 castles(or home areas) drawn on the mat and with the side objective where you could destroy that home area and win, this will make the game more challenging for other people. Or a capture the flag kind of playmat, or a defend an area type.
Other types of playmats can include a tunnel that connects 2 zones and the exit area changes throught the game. Also a Cooperative mode would be interesting where the mages fight of waves of creatures like in the colliseums. Or i have tried with my friend to make a map where there are walls preset in at the start of the game and they can be moved with force push or other spells like that.
Another ideea about the playmat is making one with artwork for different mage styles such as : make half boards each with a artwork fitting a different mage, and 2 players come each with their own half a board and put it together.

2. An interesting ideea would be to provide more spellbook art, i mean the covers of the spell books made in such a way they are customizable in an art direction.I have seen that you plan on releasing spellbooks with different art, that is awsome. But i am talking about customizable art .

3.different coloured dice :D.

4.I would personaly love to see a creature that, when certain conditions were met , it will evolve in a better one. For example a simple fox if it kills an enemy creature the controling mage can chose to pay x mana (x beeing the difference between the upgraded creature mana cost and the fox mana cost) into ,lets say , a 3 tailed fox which is not a realy better creature , but lets say it has +1 health and +1 dice or something like a effect on hit with the effect die. Not a major improvement such that it will not turn the tides of any battle but an improvement nonetheless. Also the damage that the fox has or any efect will stay on the upgraded version aswell. The upgraded version can also be cast as a separate action, but this way it gives a bit of strategy.

Another interesting creature would be a mime, that can mimic an existing creature on the board but has an upkeep cost and an initial cost = to the existing creature that is mimiced. Basicaly will make a mirror image (to not forget what creature it is chosen place a mime token on the chosen creature).

A nice mage ideea would be a mesmer that will have spells like the mime with the purpose of tricking opponents (you can find more about mesmers anywhere you look :) )

5.I would like to see a type of armor that would be a number of dice rolled and the numbers are the damage that is blocked . I am not sure as to how this will work but it can be done. Also a thornmail armor would return a % of the damaged done to the atacker if it is a mele atack.

6. I have tried to make a survival mode (as a solo experience) with the base game and did not find a nice balance to it, i tried to remove all creatures from my spellbook and sort them into creature levels then shuffle each stack of creatures and on each turn i would take from one deck a creature, on the first 3 turns from deck one (containing lvl 1 and 2 creatures) then on the next 3 turns from deck 2 (witn lvl 3 and 4 creatures) then 2 turns where area of effect spells were dropped on the map, like poison gas (area is choses with a die) then 1 turn with a better lvl creature. Where I the mage did not have creatures but tons of spells. It was fun but it needs better scaling and balance.

All of these are just ideas that i had or found elsewere and enjoyed them. I thank you for reading.
This is by far one of the best games i have played this year. Thanks for the fun .

I am sure your team has already thought of these ideas ,i am placing these out for open discusion by the people.