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Creative / Re: Mage Wars Arena board printed on Vinyl
« on: July 23, 2013, 02:37:14 AM »
This discussion gone anywhere? 

[quote="Sausageman" post=8824]If Arcane Wonders did one of these themselves, I'd buy it.  I want one made of 'mouse mat' material or similar, that I can roll up.

 I have been Talking to AW about this since Bash of 2012. I already gave a few Ideas to Patrick.

Mages / Re: Inspiration For The Warlord
« on: July 23, 2013, 01:56:27 AM »
Seems a little of a stretch really, I'll give you most of your check points, but I'm not sure Caladan was an orc... and any of the seven dwarves would probably meet most of your criteria if they went off to war...

General Discussion / Re: Index and Organized Spell Document
« on: July 22, 2013, 04:04:04 PM »
In another thread AW reps outline that they are developing an in house deck builder. It's probable that they're considering your request alongside this project. I get the impression they're preferring to manage the release an distribution of the card work as much as possible.

Rules Discussion / Re: Defense + Block
« on: July 22, 2013, 06:12:55 AM »
Sorry I wasn't too sure what the final answer was... Only one defense can be used per attack, so I take it in the op he could choose to use the knights built in defense,  essentially saving the block for a more serious attack. Or could go, heck I can't take the risk, I need to reveal block?

However obviously ccan't roll for defense,  fail an whip out the block as a backup...

DI searched the rules forum and the FAQ for an answer to this question, because it seems quite basic and I expect it has been asked and answered, but I couldn't find it. So here goes.
tl;dr: Does a successful use of Knight of Westlock's 8+ defense allow me to skip past revealing a face down Block?


I control a Knight of Westlock with a face down Block enchantment attached. My opponent attacks my Knight with his Wizard's Arcane Zap. If the Knight's 8+ defense ability is successful, does the Block enchantment still get revealed?

Block says,
Quote from: Block
When this creature is attacked, you must reveal Block during the avoid attack step. Block counts as a defense, and the attack is avoided. Then destroy Block. If the attack is unavoidable, destroy Block without effect.

The relevant rules in the "When can you reveal" sidebar say that an enchantment can be revealed,
Quote from: sidebar
"At the end of any of the eight steps of an attack or three steps of casting a spell. Example: After the Avoid Attack Step of an attack, you could reveal the Rhino Hide enchantment on your creature to reduce the amount of damage it will take from that attack."

Since the card says that block is revealed during step 2, I assume that is an exception to the usual rule that enchantments are revealed at the end of each step? Is "at the end" of a step "during" that step?

Working on the assumption that Block is revealed during step 2, and not at the end, do the rules tell us what order the effects are resolved in?
Since the Knight is my creature, can I chose in which order to resolve the effects?

Suppose I chose to resolve the Knight's 8+ defense first, and it is successful.
The rules for attack step 2 (Avoid Attack) say,
Quote from: Attack Step 2
"The defender may now attempt to avoid an attack by using a Defense. Important: The defender must decide whether to use a Defense (see “Defenses” page 24) before the attacker proceeds to the next step and rolls the dice. If the attack is avoided, skip to Step 5: Additional Strikes.

Do I skip to Step 5 without continuing the rest of Step 2? If so, have I avoided revealing my Enchantment?


The Defenses sidebar on page 24 is a little confusing, because it seems like it's talking about both defenses like Cobra Reflexes and Single Use Enchantments like Block. This is even more confusing because we sometimes call both types of enchantment "defenses", because a revealed Block says it, "counts as a defense."

The sidebar seems to be talking about the kind of defenses given by Deflection Bracers and Force Sword, but does contain the line:
Quote from: p.24
"Important: A creature can never use more than one Defense against a single attack (even if it has multiple mandatory enchantments that are all revealed when it is attacked!). You must choose only one of the available Defenses to use each time the creature is Attacked."

Do the rules consider the face down Block enchantment a Defense? If my Knight of Westlock were Stunned, it would not be able to use it's 8+ defense. Would it be able to use the Block attached to it? If it were unable to benefit from Block, would the enchantment be revealed anyway, just as if it were attacked by a unavoidable spell? If I chose to use the 8+ defense and it fails, am I unable to use the Block's defense, even if it must be revealed?

I know how I'd play all this if I weren't examining it closely: I would trigger the mandatory Block when the Knight is attacked and chose not to use the optional 8+ defense, which would preserve it for later. If the knight were Stunned, I would have assumed Block works anyway (though now I'm not sure).

But, according to the rules, can I use a Defense ability on a creature before the Block Enchantment has its mandatory trigger set-off, and thereby skip using it?


P.S.  I was hoping that the ruling on the interaction between Reverse Attack and Block might offer some insight into this, but Reverse Attack isn't actually a defense, so it doesn't (potentially) end Step 2, it just redirects the attack (per the FAQ), then proceeds with the rest of the steps as normal.

General Discussion / Re: The Eratta.
« on: July 22, 2013, 05:50:42 AM »
How about replacement cards through BGG? They charge a nominal fee for delivery etc, supports the community an gets replacement cards out there.  A couple of other games have done a similar fix or retrofit through the geek store I think.

Rules Discussion / Re: Restrained creatures with intercept
« on: July 22, 2013, 05:36:38 AM »
I think that this ruling is a bit of a shame. All the people protesting that you obviously couldn't intercept while restrained based it on intercept being a leap in front of the attack approach. I agree that restraining should prevent intercept in this manner.  However, a restrained guard can still cast spells, defend,  attack or back chat... Why does it seem so inconceivable that they couldn't do something that distracts or interrupts a ranged attack?  Throw that munty big shield for one? Or a stick from the tangle vine?  A clump of dirt etc? Someone suggested a magical intercept/attract attack effect, but it doesn't even need to be that complex.  There is no real spatial positioning in a zone,  so while I accept that an attacker could just walk around a guard to get to another creature, it seems just as conceivable that a restrained guard with intercept is still able to block some part of the line of sight from a ranged attack coming from a distance...

Anyway,  just my 5 cents,  basically I think it's just as thematic to allow it as it is to prevent it while still allowing any other non move based action...

Alternative Play / Re: 6-8 player game
« on: July 22, 2013, 05:25:12 AM »
An incentive could be that anyone killing another mage:

Absorbs their remaining mana (I'm thinking some awesome scene like from highlander here)...
Gains their spellbook for the remainder of the game...
But... Continues to be attacked by any remaining creatures still alive.

Alternately you could take control over any conjunctions an creatures like you'd cast them... Essentially this all incentivised an early kill so you get more spells an mana... Probably making yourself a he'll target for every other mage still alive...

General Discussion / Re: Index and Organized Spell Document
« on: July 22, 2013, 05:20:13 AM »
Be pretty keen on this also. I like being able to browse through all the cards while I'm reading session summaries and mulling over strategies. I could also give it to friends to plan their spellbook before they come over.

It'd be a shame for AW to say no, as it's something could make themselves anyway, is just a hassle and less time to be playing :)

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