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So I love Mage Wars and went all in- I've got at least two of every release. I've bought extra colored action markers. I've read the Mage Wars novel. The reason I say that is not because money spent equals love of a game (even if that was the case, many folks here have spent much much more), but to emphasize what moved me to go "all in"- it is not a collectible card game, there are no rare cards. I've got an addictive personality so I could never touch a game like MTG. But MW, where I could get an as good (honestly, better) experience without having to chase rares? Perfect! There was a promise, or at least an assumption, that promo cards would be released in upcoming sets. Problem solved.

BUT now there is discussion of MW 1.0 winding down, and something new in the works... and as exciting as that is, I'm not hearing any talk about closing that promo "loop"- what about the remaining cards that were never released in a set? Some I've been able to acquire by over-paying for (Eekamouse), others I simply can't (the only current way to get the 2014 Dice Tower non-kickstarter cards (Lightning Beetle, Pharoah's Cheetah, etc) is to pay about $70 from the single current listing on the BGG geek store. They came up once in the last couple years on ebay, as far as I can tell, as part of lot of cards which I was indeed out-bid on. I've proxied as well as I can, but images pulled out of OCTGN file are of a limited resolution.

So I propose, and request: Allow us to complete our collections. Release a Lost Grimoire 2 with all remaining promo cards. In a perfect world I would love to see some Arena-level frost spells and errata'd cards as well. But even a small pack of the hardest to find cards would be incredible! Would not have to be a retail release- could be a preorder on the AW webstore or a kickstarter project- literally just a shrink-wrapped pack of cards- but would be an opportunity to close the loop on Mage Wars 1.0 before we jump into whatever is next!

I came into MW late (2017-ish) and have no idea of what is planned for the future. But I hope the designers of this great game consider this request. Sorry for the wall of text! Would love to hear what other people would love to see in a final Lost Grimoire or promo pack.

Edit: whoops I kept writing Lost Grimoire 3 when really it would be LG2.

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