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Adam Wells:
UPDATE: Our benevolent masters at Game Nite in South County and Manticore Games in O'Fallon, MO both have Organized Play kits!  Please contact those stores to get involved!  Game Nite is planning on Thursday Nights alongside board game meetup!

I'm looking for someone to play Mage Wars with in the Saint Louis area, usually on Thursday nights at Game Nite.

Also, if you're in St. Louis, you should probably be part of : since its relatively important.  Sorry if that's not allowed, thought I'd mention it here.

We have a pretty good group up in the Kansas City area.  It's a long drive, but youre welcome anytime.  Look us up on facebook.  Mokan Magewars

Adam Wells:
Game Nite is starting Organized Play TOMORROW (7/27/2013) at 1PM!

8330 Watson Road

We should do a KC vs STL event sometime... the battle of I-70!

LoL. That could be fun Baron!


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