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Author Topic: Variants Worthy of Organized Play Take 2  (Read 10094 times)


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Variants Worthy of Organized Play Take 2
« on: April 07, 2020, 09:39:42 PM »
Variants Worthy of Organized play

Standard Arena (Road of Battle map)
Exactly the same as Standard Arena but with a twist: you're fighting on the Road of Battle map! 2 players. No card pool restrictions. Custom spellbooks. Objective: enemy-mage kill.

Note: This map has a special rule to prevent walls from being overpowered--secret passage markers only connect with their opposite counterparts north-south and east-west.

Team Arena
2 teams of two players each. Each mage has lifelink +2 or lifelink +3 with their teammate's mage. 4x5 zone arena. Custom spellbooks. No card pool restrictions. Objective: kill both enemy mages.

Free for all
3 players. Custom spellbooks. 3x5 zone arena. Zones b2, b4 and c3 each contain a Spiked Pit Trap terrain. No card pool restrictions. Objective: last mage standing wins.

Custom map. Custom spellbooks. No card pool restrictions. Objective: mage-kill or domination victory. All other format rules vary with the map.

This list should be MUCH better than the previous list that I posted with my old account. No more messy and unnecessary things in it. All the academy variants are fortunately GONE. And none of that preconstructed or apprentice stuff because I'm the only one who has any interest in that. And there are fewer variants to pick from now, so you won't be as likely to suffer from analysis paralysis.
In the future I would like to see a 1 vs Many variant, and possibly an rpg format, and if those are good enough I might add them here, but we'll see.

Enjoy! :D