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Author Topic: Colossus Belt Summer  (Read 5143 times)


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Colossus Belt Summer
« on: July 01, 2023, 03:39:11 AM »
The Colossus Belt
The Colossus Belt is a series of matches where a champion takes on one challenger at a time until they lose, when the challenger wins they get the title and will then be the one to face more opponents.

It is a Bo7, using the latest playtest rules and matches take place every two months (with the games being played on OCTGN), this one will be taking place during July - August.

Before each match challengers may sign up, if there are several challengers, one will be chosen by the following tie-breakers:
TB1: Highest placement in a tournament in the last 2 years (must at least be top 4).
TB2: How recent that tournament was.
TB3: Highest placement in a tournament all time.
TB4: How recent that tournament was.
TB5: The champions choice

The tournaments looked at are GenCon, German Nationals and the ones held by Arcane duels, more might get added. The date of the tournament is the day that the last game finished.

If nobody sings up before the deadline, July 8th, whoever signs up first gets to play and if there still aren't any challengers by the 15th there will be no match until September.

Whoever lost the most recent match is still allowed to sign up, however everybody else will be prioritised over them, this is to prevent a situation where we have the same two players over and over again.

If the champion quits
If you become the champion you do not have to play the following match, you can simply quit the competition, having the next match be between two challengers chosen by the tie-breaker format. If this occurs the loser of the last match will be able to enter just like everyone else, since it's already clear that we won't have a repeat pairing.

Sign ups
A new challenger will be picked on the 8th of July, you have until then to message me here or on Discord if you want participate.

Also if you have really good tie-breakers but don't want to play, I would appreciate if you declared it so that other potential challengers can see. There have been players who don't think/want to play because they have thought someone else should take the spot. And if your tie-breakers are terrible you still might have a chance as there has only been one person reaching out for each match thus far.
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