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Colossus Belt, named after the card, will be a series of matches where the current champion takes on one challenger at a time, if the challenger wins they become the champion. To keep the title the champion needs to arrange a match at least once every 3 months. Since there is not a champion at the moment, the two most qualified challengers (among those who are interested that is) go up against each other.

I will be one of the players in the first match (see rules to qualify further down).

It will be a 1v1 best of 7, using the most recent playtest rules. No restictions on which books you use for each game. The games will be scheduled induvidually, just like in other online events, with the goal to finnish within a month.

I initially wanted it to be a Bo9, but I don't want this to last long enough to coincide with the playtest tournament and I think it is good to test the waters with a Bo7 first.

If several players are interested, someone will be picked on the 14th of November by the following tie-breakers:
TB1: Your highest placement in a tournament in the last 2 years, (must at least be top 4).
TB2: How recent that tournament was.
TB3: Your highest placement in a tournament all time.
TB4: How recent that tournament was.
TB5: My choice (and later on, the champions choice).

The tournaments I'll look at are GenCon, German Nationals and the ones held by Arcane duels, more might get added. If nobody sings up before November 14th, whoever signs up first gets to play.

The reason that I'm following a set of rules is so that I or a future champ will not get to choose who to play.
If a player loses a match they are not allowed to participate for the next, but they may compete after that.

If you are interested, reply here on the forums or message me on discord, I'd also be happy if you mention your most relevant tournament result(s) and it's date. You are more than welcome to sign up, regardless of how good or bad you are, right now I'd just be happy if anybody sings up.

very interesting idea. good luck to all who enter. sounds like a fantastic event. i am guessing that most would rather it be best of 5 since that would take less time. but as i am not entering, i have no stake in the outcome. but would be glad to assist in other ways if needed.

Thx, yeah, emergency judges would be the thing that would be the most appreciated. That and just getting people to play.

Ruducing the number of games is pretty painful, I could see doing it. The feedback that is the most valuable is the one coming from the players who contemplate joining.


The first match will be between me and pjotri

I will likely announce the next match in mid December, so if you are intereted that is when to keep your eyes out.


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