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Author Topic: 3D Printer Projects  (Read 18031 times)


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Re: 3D Printer Projects
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2020, 04:11:17 PM »
Hi ya'll! If you follow my other thread, you will see that I have made physical models to use in the Arena game rather than using the Mage Art cards. Its been a blast with the wife and I so far, but now the tricky thing is keeping the tokens nearby. So i came up with this little base mechanism to keep them all together :)
The model (mage) that your using can just slide in and out as needed, and the tokens can sit right next to the mage as needed. This helps to keep the tokens nearby and keeps them on the board. Still a better option (imo) that using the cards as it still takes up less space. Plus, for example, in a game we had the other night, my Warlord was able to be placed on top of the barracks, and did not hinder the card at all. Quite nice and makes it to where one less card (or two if both mages are in) don't have to take up so much space in a single area.
Check out the "HeroForge" thread I have for more information on the models themselves :)
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