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Author Topic: Offerings to the Ghoul  (Read 5587 times)


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Offerings to the Ghoul
« on: November 18, 2019, 12:04:27 AM »
[spellbookname]Offerings to the Ghoul[/spellbookname]

[mage]A Necromancer Spellbook[/mage]
[mage]built by the OCTGN SBB[/mage]
[mwcard=MW1A02]1 x Chain Lightning[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1A04]2 x Fireball[/mwcard]
[mwcard=PSA02]3 x Swell[/mwcard]
[mwcard=]1 x Idol of Pestilence[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1J20]1 x Sacrificial Altar[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNJ04]1 x Graveyard[/mwcard]
[mwcard=LG01W01]2 x Wall of Poison Gas[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1J18]2 x Poison Gas Cloud[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWANMC05]1 x Matatoomba, Plagued Spirit[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWAWLC07]2 x Mhegedden, Sealed Demon[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC11]2 x Ravenous Ghoul[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWANMC07]1 x Plagued Voidwalker[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNC23]6 x Zombie Crawler[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWANMC12]6 x Vengeful Voidwalker[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWSTX2FFE04]1 x Brace Yourself[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E18]1 x Force Sword[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E17]1 x Force Orb[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1E06]1 x Circle of Lightning[/mwcard]
[mwcard=PSE07]2 x Hydrothermal Vent[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ01]1 x Cloak of Shadows[/mwcard]
[mwcard=DNQ02]1 x Death Ring[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWAMKQ06]1 x Golden Shield[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWANMI03]1 x Abyssal Sacrifice[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I25]1 x Shift Enchantment[/mwcard]
[mwcard=PSI03]2 x Lesser Teleport[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWANMI04]1 x Fizzle[/mwcard]
[mwcard=PSI01]2 x Dissolve[/mwcard]
[mwcard=FWI11]2 x Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=FWI13]1 x Seeking Dispel[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWANI03]3 x Ritual of Kallek[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MW1I12]2 x Force Push[/mwcard]
[mwcard=]1 x Force Bash[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWAWDI05]1 x Sweeping Strike[/mwcard]
[mwcard=MWAWDI02]1 x Focused Strike[/mwcard]
[cost]Total cost: 120 pts[/cost]

This is a fun deck that anyone can pick up and play. There is a bit of mana and action management to get used to but other than that it is pretty straight forward.

Use the altar to sacrifice cheap creatures to buff the ghoul.  There are 2 ghouls in case one is destroyed or if you want to just run 2 (they're not legendary)

The cheap creatures are there only for action advantage and to be offerings for the ghoul(s). Mheghedden is in here for the same reason, 6 mana for melee +4 and piercing +4, can't beat it.

If you sacrifice a creature, the ghoul can eat it's corpse and grow but the graveyard also gets mana everytime you do this so the cycle can continue.

If you really need to, you can spawn a creature from the graveyard and hard cast one then kallek one of them. even if it dies prematurely you may still get mana on the graveyard, if not action advantage, ghoul food, and more dice on the board.

Other than that the rest is mostly support for the main creatures and the mage, force orb and sword for the ghoul and a lightning barrier for one of them. shift enchantment one of these if you need to :)

Ritual of Kallek, i know i know..but the creature is just going to die anyways, why not get more mana while I am at it?

The golden shield is just in case they get too close to nullify the cloak of shadows.  it is not meant as a cure all but just as a shield to temporarily hold me over a few attacks. 

I've been digging force bash a lot lately. It may just be me, but on a first quick cast if I can use that, push through a wall (ideally) and get 2 slams? sounds pretty rad to me! i could push into a hydrothermal vent zone, get a bash and daze or stun? or just make is so that the cloak is now effective and you are slammed? its not a fantastic spell but if you have mana or spell book points to fit it in, worth a shot!

The only thing I didnt put in here that all of my other necros have is gravikor and knockdown...they might squeeze in later but for now the book is just a casual fun book.

I just picked the attack spells because I like them! :)

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Re: Offerings to the Ghoul
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2019, 06:05:40 PM »
it is interesting you posted this. we discussed kralathor over the weekend here and it occurred to me that the ghoul might also be a good way to do something similar. I had not gotten around to checking how the ghoul would work if it was in the kralathor book.


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Re: Offerings to the Ghoul
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2019, 07:47:46 AM »
Your first 4 sacrifices or so wont benefit anyone since the ghoul eats them, can't attack for the melee and piercing bonus. But later on, I found if you can get 2 out one eats and you buff the other.

It could work too with a warlock and pentagram, spawning smaller demons and sacrificing them. You just dont get an investment return as fast without the graveyard
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Re: Offerings to the Ghoul
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2019, 05:30:24 PM »
Unfortunately kralathor obliterates the creature so u could not take out of graveyard since the creature is removed from the game. I thought it would be cool to double the effectiveness of a creature dying but it does not appear to be a way to do it  atm.  It sounded like the greatest idea tho Zot!!! I had the build in my head of how I was going to attempt it.

I like the build Dr Mambo!!!
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