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Mage Wars Arena Tournament at World Boardgaming Championships July 25-26, 2019

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Tournament details have been finalized for the Mage Wars Arena event at the World Boardgaming Championships coming up on July 25-26 in Seven Springs Resort, Pennsylvania.

Tournament format is 4 rounds over two days with all Arena expansion mages and spells available to create your spellbook.

New players are also encouraged to join the battle by first attending one of the four available demos offered prior to the tournament start. Players who do not have a copy of the game may use a standard spellbook published in the expansion set for their desired mage. Availability of expansion mages and spellbooks will be based on the willingness of other players to share their cards during a match. The tournament GM will have some standard spellbooks available for use on a first come, first serve basis. These may be reserved ahead of time during a scheduled demo session.

Event details are at this link:

due to work commitments I cannot attend this year. but each year you post this I really want to go. I will try hard to make it next year, and will also try to get some folks to come with me. it sounds like a great event. good luck to all the competitors and I look forward to your report.

Sorry you won't be able to join us.

WBC is the best convention of its kind out there. 9 days of tournament and open gaming for a single admissions ticket. In addition to the gaming there are golf, horseback riding, hiking, biking, pool and water park events you can attend in the mountain air for a true summer vacation.

that does sound really great. please post a reminder at the beginning of the year with the 2020 dates. I really would consider going (not for 9 days) but for several and try to get some folks to go too.

I will do that.

Also, here is a link you can subscribe to on BGG that covers all things WBC.


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