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Author Topic: Tales of a Mad Mage  (Read 2732 times)


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Tales of a Mad Mage
« on: August 23, 2012, 12:54:59 PM »
Mage Wars Fan Fiction

Tales of a Mad Mage
By: themadone

Part 1: Deranged

"The Voltori Mage-Rod is not a Myth! I have seen hints of it in the ancient texts. I also think I can remake it, with your help."

The Raven familiar eyed the Wizard carefully tipping his head in various directions, but saw no magical or demonic influence upon the older man.

"You may be certain Vadicc, but that does not mean you are not crazy or just plain power-hungry."

Chuckling, the Wizard dramatically turned away from his black-feathered companion, causing his ornate blue robe to flow outward in a sweeping motion. The Raven tensed as he felt his master suddenly draw in Mana, thrust his crooked finger at a dark corner of the room, and spoke an ancient Voltori word of power.

Lightning flashed and a wiff of smoke erupted from the scorched shadows. Something small and quick scuttled through a crack in the ancient tower wall into unknown darkness.

"Damn..those Darkfenne Roaches get everywhere, and move too fast!"

"You should never have tried to use them in an Arena battle, Master."

"Yes, well...Foresight is a spell I haven't quite learned yet. Besides I thought a swarm of them would prove the perfect distraction in battle."

"At least they are giving you target practice. You were missing more often than not against that Araxian Warlock."

Vadicc replied petulantly, "He had hexed me! What was I supposed to do? How can a Mage be expected to cast lightning straight... which is a difficult enough thing to do in the first place...while his skin is peeling off?"

Grabbing an ancient black-leather book with no writing or ornamentations other than silver corner plates on the cover, Vadicc placed it on the desk next to the Raven's favorite gold-plated perch, and opened it to a book-marked area. The book mark appeared to have been once a strip of fine leather, but was now warn down by the centuries to nothing more than a meaty-looking string.

"See here in my copy of the 'Sayings of a Deranged Ivarium Journey-man' where the author claims to have met the Bog Queen who told him of an ancient device of untold Voltari power!"

"Yes... I have to agree that is exactly what it says. You do realize the book actually has 'Deranged' in the title right?"

Vadicc waved a blue-veined hand in dismissal, "Bah...the book doesn't have a title really. 'Deranged' was titled thus because the author wandered out of the Darkfenne and died the day after he penned the manuscript."

The door to the room shook slightly as someone pounded casually on it, "Master? I heard something..."

Vadicc smiled and spoke casually over his shoulder, "Nothing Norch! Just another Roach sighting."

"Yes Master... If you need me just call."

The Raven cocked his head to the side and eyed the closed door, "Your new Minotaur bodyguard seems to be working well enough."

"Yes, we'll see. I miss Unglish of course, but he was getting old, and I would have had to replace him soon enough. He did once tell me he felt that going out during a Mage War match was better than 'retiring' back to his people. Evidently Minotaurs think dying of old age is a 'bad' death."

"So that's why you threw him against that demon the Warlock summoned in that last battle?'

"No...it was a close match however, and I needed him to hold off that demon so I could finish my final spell. I don't know if he sacrificed himself on purpose in the end, but I doubt he meant to light himself on fire and burn to death."

 A long look of sadness and loss crossed the mage's face for only a moment as he stroked his flowing beard.

"Anyway...I have more proof to offer you about the rod! Shall we?"

The Familiar nodded and blinked away a small tear for the crusty Minotaur, "Of course Master. Please continue..."