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Author Topic: Academy Graduates Final draft  (Read 4498 times)


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Academy Graduates Final draft
« on: April 10, 2019, 01:19:33 PM »
Here is my current final list with all academy mages so far.  !  I will update with feedback and or personal testing.  I have made some minor changes to Wizard and Warlock.  Monk and Necromancer are included as well.  1.4 Version.  if you test these mages out please PM me or start discussion below.  I would love to hear results, strengths, weakness, ect.  Enjoy!

Special thanks to Keejchen for helping me Edit. As well as Ash who obviously has developed the initial Academy Cards.

Bael Warlock 34 life, channel 9.
120 SBP, trained in the Dark School and Fire school, as well as curse spells.  Holy spells cost triple

Hell Fire Curse: If enemy creatures have one or more revealed curse enchantments attached to them add +2 to the effect die when attacking or making a counterstrike attack with friendly creatures who has a fire attack.  You also may pay 1 mana and place a burn on it.

Sacrifice of Blood: Once per round, when a friendly demon creature attacks, during the Roll dice Step of that attack, the Warlock may place 1 point of direct damage on that demon to re-roll all of the attack dice (but not the effect die)

Kelsar Grove Beastmaster 34 life, channel 9,
120 SBP, trained in the Nature School, as well as animal spells.  Fire spells cost triple

Fury of the Beast: Nature enchantments attached to an animal cost 1 less to reveal, once per round, when you have Prority, if a friendly animal has a Nature enchantment attached, you may pay one mana to give it Melee+1 until end of the round.

Stir the Beast: Once per round, when the Beastmaster summons a level 1 animal creature, he may pay 1 mana to have it enter play active instead of inactive. 

Sistarra Wizard 32 life, channel 10,
120 SBP, Trained in Arcane School and Air School, as well as frost spells.

Extend Magic: When you reveal an enchantment with the Dissapate X trait, you may pay mana equal to that spell's level to place 1 additional Dissipate token on it. 

Lightning Charge: during the Upkeep Phase, you may pay 1 mana to give your Mage +1 armor until you cast a lightning spell or until end of round.  Your next lightning attack gains Melee+1 and Range+1.

Weather Influence
Once per round, you may pay 1 mana, when you casts a wind or frost spell,
if you do this, enemy creatures add +2 to the effect roll.

Dsjer-Tet Forcemaster 34 life, 10 Channel,
120 SBP, Trained in Mind School and Dsjer-Tet spells, Non-mind, Non-Dsjer-Tet creature spells cost triple spellpoints

Power Transfer: Once per round, when your Mage or a friendly force creature declares an attack, you may pay 1 mana and remove a Dissipate token from a force creature you control.  If you do the attacking creature gains Melee +2 for that attack. 

Force Barrier: During the upkeep phase, you may pay 1 mana to get Armor+1 for the round.  Until the end of the round, the first time your mage is damaged by a melee attack, you may place a stagger condition on the attacking creature. 

Ivarium Warlord 32 life, 9  Channel,
120 SBP, Trained in War School as well as Soldier spells

Battle Orders: Once per round, as a quick command spell, you may pay 3 mana. If you do, friendly soldier creatures gain Melee +1 until the end of the round. If you control a revealed formation, reduce the cost of this ability by 1. 

Battle Horn: Once per round, when you summon a Level 1 soldier creature, you may summon another soldier creature, by paying additional mana equal to Level+1.

Asyra Priestess 33 life, 10 Channel
120 SBP, Trained in Holy School, Dark spells cost triple
Blessing of Champions: Whenever the Priestess cast or reveals a healing or protection spell, she may place a guard marker on a friendly Holy Creature in her zone, by paying mana equal to its level.

Asyra's Blessing: Once per round, during the Upkeep Phase, you may pay 3 mana to heal a friendly creature for 2 damage anwhere in the Arena. If you do, that creature gains Melee+1 until the end of the round. 

Retribution: Non-mage friendly creatures light attacks gain Melee+1 and Range+1

Joktari Druid 33 life, 9 Channel
120 SBP, trained in nature School, and lvl 1 water, fire and war spells cost triple

Herbalist: Once per round, when you cast a potion, you may pay 1 mana to place 1 additional Charge token on it. 

Vine Mastery: You begin the game with 2 vine markers, place these on your Mage Card,
During the Deployment Phase, you may place a Vine marker (see rules on placement). You also gain 1 Vine marker at the end of the Deployment Phase and place it on your mage.  Whenever you, or an object you control casts a vine spell, you may target a zone containing a friendly vine marker, or target an object in that zone, or a border of that zone. Then, destroy that marker.

Vine Slash

If you have any Vine markers on your Mage, he gains the following vine attack by destroying 1 vine marker on your mage:

Quick, 0-1 range, 2 attack, 7+ snatch
You may destroy a Vine marker on your mage to give it Range+1 and +4 to the effect roll.

Vine Shifting:
Once per round, you may destroy a Vine marker to give a friendly plant creature in the same zone one effect for the round: Melee+1, Armor+1 or heal 1 damage.

Elemental Lords Elementalist 30 life, 10 Channel
130 SBP, trained in air, earth, fire, water school, living objects cost triple.

Elemental Emblems:
When the Elementalist casts a spell he is trained in, he may activate the Glyph that matches the school on that spell.  These Glyphs may be deactivated to grant a benefit to the Elementalist. 

Elemental Charge: Whenever you use a fire, earth, air or water attack spell on a friendly non-living creature of the same school, you may deactivate one glyph of same school, to remove damage instead of adding damage from dice rolled by the attack. This attack ignores resistance and immunity to a particular element; the effect of the attack does not resolve. The spell card is discarded, even if it is bound.

Monk, Ketsuro 38 Life, 8 Channel
112 SPB, Trained in Mind school as well as martial and monk spells. Creature spells in which Monk is not trained cost triple. 
3 die basic melee

Ki ability: You begin the game with 2 Ki. During the Upkeep Phase, you gain 1 Ki. You may use ki to augment specific spells and abilities.

Ki quick strike ability:
When you are melee attacked, you may pay 2 Ki to gain a martial, counter strike trait on your basic melee attack until end of the attack, if your counterstrike deals 3 or more damage, you may pay 1 mana to take one condition from your Mage and place it on the attacking creature. Melee+ effects  are ignored during this counterstrike.

Necromancer, Dsjer-ter 33 life, 10 Channel
120 SBP, Trained in Dark School, and Dsjer-Tet spells. Holy spells cost triple.

Curse of Undeath: Once per round, when a living, enemy creature is destroyed, you may remove up to 2 damage from a mummy creature you control.

Raise Dead: Up to Twice per round, as a necro spell, when a non-Legendary Minor undead creature with no Raise marker is destroyed you may take 1 damage and pay mana equal to the creatures total cost -2. The creature is reanimated with 2 damage and receives a Raise marker.

Shadow bolt: Once per round, as a quick spell, you may pay 2 mana to use the following attack: 0-1 range, 2 die, 7+ weak
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Re: Academy Graduates Final draft
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reserved for play testing records, game log, and opinions.
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