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Author Topic: Match-Protocol 01.11. Aridigasfan AD Warlock vs SirJasonCrage Johktari  (Read 6190 times)


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So we played Johktari against Adramelech. I was like "so how fast of a rush are you going to pull on me?" and then just walked straight into him with a double flower opening. Not one of my smartest notions. My Johktari tries to go forge instead of Lair, saving mana for her strong creatures: Two direwolves, a Wolverine, Kralathor, Izimbila. The forge holds two bows, two spears, a wand of each kind and lots of cheap leather armor.

Anywhoo, this is how it went:

I opened with doublemove doubleflower, into forge direwolf T2. That leaves me at 0 mana, almost as if I'd calculated it all out :O
Aridigas opened with a doublemove and forge, then a flower and an enchant, as well as fire ring out of the forge.

For the next turn, I had gloves of precision on forge, which would leave me with 9 mana for either a force hammer onto mage or a Pillar of whythefuckdidtheyreleasethis.
His forge opened with a Lash and I immediately knew that Pillar would win me the game. I did not QC and as my first action my mage walked into his zone and slapped him for 3 dice, forcing him to stay in the zone to attack me or leave it to attack the wolf. He stayed and whipped me, then used another enchant for me. My wolf moved in and bloodthirstily took a bite out of him.
Then I deployed pillar. I feelt so cheap.

The rest of the match is rather easy to tell, we tried to armor up, counter each other's armor and beat each other down. In the end, we were both almost dead when I had Ini and just barely hit that force hammer for 2 normal, 4 crit and a slam. He was at 29 dmg before that. The slam would not have saved me, because he had prepared an Explode. Clever guy.

Noteworthy about this match:
Nothing much.
Pillar OP. That's basically it.
If he leaves my zone I equip a bow and spam attackspells while he has a useless Whip and gets chased by a Direwolf. He also risks getting pushed back all the time.
If he stays in the zone, he can hope to kill me faster, but takes damage from Pillar every turn. If he goes for the dark cloak, he can't get armor.

I did not enjoy that victory.