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Author Topic: Match-Protocol 30.10. LuckiestLuke Dwarf vs SirJasonCrage Straywood  (Read 3942 times)


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LuckiestLuke played an experimental Titanodon-focused Dwarf Warlord book and I fought against it with a newly built Straywood, focused on using the emerald elk staff in one hand and the healy scepter staff that you can hit people with in the other hand to keep your creatures alive.

I opened with doubleflower into joined strength pet direwolf.
He opened with flower+doublemove into Titanodon and another flower.

I immediately used a nullify on the grey fatty, guarded with my big dog and equiped the faith healer's staff.
He walked one step, burned an enchant on my nully and placed a Ballista. Titanodon followed him, we were now one zone apart.

He opened next turn with his Ini, walking a step away from me and into his ballista zone, then enchanting the elephant again. Ballista hit my Direwolf for 5 and I kept joined strength face-down to bluff some more and because I was bad at math and thought I needed the mana. I then put the Titanodon to sleep with a sleepyflower and doublemoved into the Ballista zone, together with my trusty dog.

From then on, I tried to fortify my hold on the Ballista zone with a Vine Snapper, an acid plant and a snake, while he woke his Titanodon, pushed me out for a crossbow bolt and some Titanodon kicks and moved out for some safety and to plant a forge.

My wolf mauled his Titanodon to death and then died shortly after that, my Snek chased the dwarf and gave him tons of weaks. My Snapper died, too. We reached a point where he had some equip, 20 damage on him and I had about 4 dmg on me with nothing but the sparkly healy staff in my hands. I summoned a Crocodile Pet and placed an acid flower into his forge zone, he summoned an iron golem and hit me in the face with a few rocks, boulders and a Pillar of burning rage. I still didn't put on any armor, fool that I am. All I used for defense was a cobra reflex onto my Mage. Some teleports made sure I ate 8 dice from Pillar per turn.

The game ended with his golem Battlefurying me up to 33 dmg, which my Pet Crocodile and my sleepy mist plant and my Acid ball responden to by hitting him up to 33 dmg. The then bouldered me to bits.

The end.

Dice were pretty high that match, for both of us. Even if I'd revealed Joined strength earlier and even if my Healy staff of hitting things had rolled better heals on the Direwolf, the killing blow brought it to 18 dmg. That's rather dead, even for a Pet.

The Titanodon-Focus costs a lot of actions, but I feel I used less actions to get rid of it than he used on getting it to work. Ballista and forge still gave him an action advantage. My book tries to explicitly win without forge though, since Elk stave and Faith healer's already eat mana.

While I did lose on a hair's breadth, I most importantly lost because I thought Cobra reflexes could replace Armor and got Mage-Sniped. He won because Forge is rather good at supplying necessary stuff like an armor and a teleport wand and a regrowth belt.

I still liked my approach of securing zones with plants, be they creatures or conjurations. I tried something similar with Johktari a while ago and I can't quite say who's wearing it better yet.

What do you think about the match? Did I even describe it enough for you to have anything to think about?
What do you think about the format? I know I skipped some stuff in the middle, but I don't think I could go through a whole match with detailed action-for-action protocols... Much less if I'm only bored at work and working from memory like I'm doing right now :D

Lastly, for the mods: Did I post this in the right place? Feel free to move the thread if I didn't.


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Re: Match-Protocol 30.10. LuckiestLuke Dwarf vs SirJasonCrage Straywood
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2018, 01:51:09 PM »
Sounds like a fun match with both players having some cool ideas.  I enjoy this format of story telling and detail here there about the damage.  I like the idea of double healing Wands that heal during upkeep.  Helps with support and dress up actions.  It would be interesting to see this with either an animal kinship build, fellella,  or a battle forge.  Seems really strong and paring it with other spells to passively heal, guard,  and helping ur mage out sounds like it would be a really solid build
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Re: Match-Protocol 30.10. LuckiestLuke Dwarf vs SirJasonCrage Straywood
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2018, 04:13:44 PM »
Im also enjoying reading this :)


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