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What kind of Mage should a Halfling be?
For example. Summoner, Bard, Rogue, ....

As properties, I thought
Halfling Abilities
Connected to Nature:  Nature school  Level 1
Weak but Skilled: Melee -1 and Range +1 for all Non-spell attacks.

The differences of the race.
Example: Warlords

Dwarf(s) gets Touth, his RuneĀ“s
Orc has Melee +1 and more Hps, gets Veterans

What do you think? If the Level 4 Academy High Elf Warlord would be level 6 would he be trained in Level 1 Arcane, or maybe another other school.
Or is the bonus that he does not have to pay triple arcane enough.

I just want to see more other races and for Academy to.
Not just only Elves and Humans.

How about....
Gnome, Illusionist
Lizardman, Shaman
Naga, Siren

Am guessing at some point elementalist and monk will come to are arena?  If so a reptile or naga elementalist and not sure about monk


--- Quote from: Jbuzzsaw79 on October 31, 2018, 08:34:34 AM ---Am guessing at some point elementalist and monk will come to are arena?
--- End quote ---

Doubt it.

To kind of answer the original question... what kind of Mage would a Halfling be... if I were to rewrite the game, I would allow the players to select their own Race / Mage type combination. Race would determine everything from Life to Channeling to secondary abilities lower on the card, whereas Mage type would determine training.

Halfling traits would perhaps work better with Nature types than with Warlord types, but if you had an idea for a Warlord spell book that might be interesting with the Halfling, you would then have that option.

I would suggest that whatever else it was, a Halfling should be elusive and possibly have an ability to pay a friendly creature's level in mana to give it the elusive trait until the end of the round.

Oh, and it would have to have a mage-specific item for it: Ring of Invisibility :)


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