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A work in progress.

Gen-Con winner 2018:
Coshade - Priestess

ADMW Open 2:

Origins 2018: Zot - Arraxian Crown Warlock

DM 2018: Enti - Necro/Druid
(German Championship)

WBC Champion: Chris Byrd - Straywood Beastmaster (2 years in a row now)

Event Report from 2017 is here -
Event Report for 2018 is here -

The WBC Mage Wars Arena tournament now has a Hall of Champions file posted with pictures of the top players over the last 4 years.

Check out the winners here .

You might want to specify a year (at least) for those tournaments which does not include such in their name. Either that, or the date of the event for all tournaments. You also might want to make a note of what qualifies a tournament to be eligible for this thread. Just thinking....


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