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Goblin Builder + Load tokens


Hi mages!
Now offen do you use Goblin Builder? For answer will be- never, if we speak about not-fun games. And now let's immagen that Goblin Builder's full action can give Load token for Ballista/Akiro's Hammer? It's will be more interesting, isn't it?

5 mana builder + 8 Ballista= 13 mana 5 dices pierce 3 attack per turn. Not bad. But! Ballista can't move, die from single Fireball.

5 mana Builder + 12 mana Hammer= 17 mana for 8 dices attack on corporeal conjurations. Good. But we can throuw 2 Hurl Bolders in one turn to destroy Tample.

So, what do you think?

goblin builder can be used in a book very (too) focused on an epic conjuration.

and i like the goblin reloader!

my warlord s using the gobelin builder .

first turn warlord invoc  and outpost, 

second turn rush the ennemy mage with my mage , and the gobelin will create conjuration for to  invoced other soldiers

your idea is good but why should modified this gobelin ? why not create a other gobelin ? 

"we are always need a new gobelin .!! "

I always wish he could make mana even if it's take a full round action to add one mana on him

@Santar: I suggested this very thing in the past... no one cared. I also like the idea of Crewing a siege engine.


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