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When we get Academy Druid vs. Necromancer


I really hope the creatures do not look like as my examples.
They should have all the traits they already have in Arena.

The Zombies should be at least Resilient.
The most Plants should have Rooted, Fire + X and Hydro Immunity.

Please no Razortusk like creature!
We get only Academy extensions in 2018, then at least they should be Spells that are useful in Arena.

In 2018 we will not get big Arena expantion?

No new Arena set in 2018, only 4 Academy sets.

We have four (4) new Mage Wars Academy mage expansions planned for release in 2018. I'm not going to share what they are, or really anything else... but as soon as I have manufacturing confirmation, I'll be sharing a full-release schedule for 2018 (with dates for each upcoming product)."

Sailor Vulcan:
I'm confused what exactly are you complaining about?

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I'm not complaining, I can not do that (yet).
It is wish and hope that the creatures in a possible druid and necro extension have the traits that we know from these from Arena.


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