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The Witch is a human practitioner of the darker folk magic traditions of Etheria and uses her magic to protect her community from predatory mages and invading armies.  She possess training in the third level of Dark and the third level of Nature due to her innate talents, but she pays triple for Arcane spells and triple for War spells because she lacks formal training.  She possesses Channeling 10, Life 32, and two special abilities:

Dark Soul: The Witch gains mana equal to the level of the first creature destroyed in the arena during a turn. 

Hex Doll: The Witch may designate a creature that she summons to serve as a Hex Doll buy paying additional mana equal to its level when she summons it.  While the Hex Doll is in the same zone as the Witch, the first enchantment or incantation cast by an opposing mage that targets the Witch during a turn will target the Hex Doll instead (if the Hex Doll is not a legal target, the enchantment or incantation will target the Witch as normal, but the Hex Doll ability applies to the next enchantment or incantation that target's the Witch).  If the Hex Doll dies, the Witch may summon a new creature to serve as her Hex Doll.

Notes: I changed Dark Soul and Hex Doll for game balance purposes.

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