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The Challenges of the Priestess

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--- Quote from: Obsidian Soul on December 26, 2017, 09:44:01 AM ---My favorite mage is the Priestess because she possesses a lot of lasting power.  With the combination of her special ability that gives her one extra permanent life the first time she casts a Holy Enchantment or Incantation during a turn and her massive number of Holy Enchantments and Incantations after Siren vs Paladin, she can easily reach 50 life during a game.  The problem is that she is highly dependent on Creatures for damage and protection, so she will never win a fast game (though I tend to win most games with her despite her slow buildup).  What challenges do you face with the Priestess and what do you do to compensate for them?

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Priestess always been a very solid Mage. Slow- Slow - Slow and long - long - long games thats the "challenge"
After Finite Life doesn't work anymore i am afraid she is OP.

Which also mean that i consider Paladin and Priest very strong mages now.
Priest was pretty bad before but now its different. I guess thats a good thing.


--- Quote from: ThisIsDeutch on August 10, 2018, 08:47:11 AM ---To be fair, because of how basic the Holy school is in Arena, the Paladin is basically a "warrior" priestess, with strong abilities including healing, from the Holy school. I wouldn't necessarily say that there are challenges for the priestess, simply because the Paladin is just a better mage is pick from.

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Whilst I think the Paladin's schools were too generous, I'd still prefer a Priestess over him 9 times out of 10. Her abilities are very strong. Priest is the one that doesn't have a place to go...


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