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Author Topic: The Challenges of the Priestess  (Read 19264 times)


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Re: The Challenges of the Priestess
« Reply #15 on: August 11, 2018, 10:16:12 AM »
My favorite mage is the Priestess because she possesses a lot of lasting power.  With the combination of her special ability that gives her one extra permanent life the first time she casts a Holy Enchantment or Incantation during a turn and her massive number of Holy Enchantments and Incantations after Siren vs Paladin, she can easily reach 50 life during a game.  The problem is that she is highly dependent on Creatures for damage and protection, so she will never win a fast game (though I tend to win most games with her despite her slow buildup).  What challenges do you face with the Priestess and what do you do to compensate for them?

Priestess always been a very solid Mage. Slow- Slow - Slow and long - long - long games thats the "challenge"
After Finite Life doesn't work anymore i am afraid she is OP.

Which also mean that i consider Paladin and Priest very strong mages now.
Priest was pretty bad before but now its different. I guess thats a good thing.
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Re: The Challenges of the Priestess
« Reply #16 on: August 17, 2018, 06:43:19 AM »
To be fair, because of how basic the Holy school is in Arena, the Paladin is basically a "warrior" priestess, with strong abilities including healing, from the Holy school. I wouldn't necessarily say that there are challenges for the priestess, simply because the Paladin is just a better mage is pick from.

Whilst I think the Paladin's schools were too generous, I'd still prefer a Priestess over him 9 times out of 10. Her abilities are very strong. Priest is the one that doesn't have a place to go...