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I understand an extension with 2 new mages takes a lot of time to develop and play tests.

However, Lost Grimoire 2.0 ... should be feasible in a much shorter time.
You could include us as a community with, for example, the best spell from every magic school from the forum publish in the extension.

Once a year such a set would be nice.

really like this idea alot, even if half of the designs are yours Karadox.   ;D

You're right, at the moment most comes from me, but I think if the idea would be implemented that would end quickly and there was a lot more action in the forum.

True I think if there was a call for ideas for lost grimore 2 that would spawn a lot more creations.  I have a few ideas for cool cards I will post soon in the next couple of weeks. 

? Karadox where do u get ur artwork for the cards you make?  Mine will not be as refined as yours but I will give it ago

I search the internet for matching pictures.

It's always nice to see more cards and ideas. :)

If you need the template.
download version 2
mage wars plugin


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