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WBC 2017 Mage Wars Arena Tournament Results


The WBC Mage Wars Arena tournament completed its third year at the end of July. This was our second year at the new resort location for the convention located in Sevens Springs, PA. The convention runs 9 full days and is jammed full of tournaments, auctions, and open gaming. Here is a quick recap of the results for this year.

We had a new format using a Swiss style over 5 rounds (two on Thursday and three on Saturday). This allowed players to play as many rounds as they wanted rather than have to end competitive play based on a single elimination game. This change received only positive ratings from the players so we will keep this format for next year. 23 players entered the tournament rounds this year and we had 50 players participate over 5 demo sessions. The demo participation includes some players who returned to play in multiple sessions.

Arcane Wonders donated a fabulous mix of prizes in addition to the wooden Plaque that WBC awards to the winner. We had door prizes for each round and the top six finishers received expansions. The first place winner took home one of every Mage expansion and the Lost Grimoire Volume I!

Top 6 players for 2017
1. Chris Byrd - Beastmaster (4-0)
2. Brad McCandless - Warlock (3-2)
3. James Newsome - Wizard (3-2)
4. Vincent Sinigaglio - Priestess (4-1)
5. David Wolfe - Wizard (3-1)
6. David Rogozinski - Priestess (3-1)

Tournament points were awarded based on the standard scoring system with players ranked based on their total over 5 rounds. The tie breaker was the total score of opponents played to represent the toughest schedule.

Results from the 2016 event are located here Full reports for 2017 will be posted to on the convention archives in November.

AREA ratings for players of Mage Wars can be found at this location. This site currently has the 2015 and 2016 WBC results, but will be updated once I submit the WBC 2017 results.

Thanks to Arcane Wonders for their amazing support and to my Assistant GM - Frank Hastings.

The WBC 2017 report with photos has now been posted to the Event History page.

Looks like a great event with great participation!!  :D Would've loved to be there!  ;D


--- Quote from: arxiducs on March 14, 2018, 10:06:06 PM ---Looks like a great event with great participation!!  :D Would've loved to be there!  ;D

--- End quote ---
Thanks. It is always a blast and so much fun introducing new players to the game. The event even has a core group that returns to compete each year.

In 2018 the event is being planned for the WBC convention week of July 21-29 in Seven Springs Resort, PA. I am adding new demos this year to teach the Advanced Rules. Now newcomers can demo Apprentice rules early in the week and learn/practice the Advanced rules between tournament rounds.

Hope to see you In the Arena! When I am not running the tournament events you can find me at open gaming or I may enter the War of the Ring tournament this year.


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