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Author Topic: Terrenia: People of the Dawn  (Read 2155 times)

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Terrenia: People of the Dawn
« on: June 17, 2017, 02:01:10 PM »
AN: just a plot bunny that was in my head. Not entirely sure where I'm going with it so bear with me.


“O People of the Dawn. Will you rise to the morning Sun? Or will you fall back to the mud whence you came? None to guide you. None to save you. No Gods. No heroes. No justice. No second chances. Only you.”
The young forcemaster smiled a bitter smile. It was time to begin his work.
In another world so near and yet so far away, things were different. Gods roamed the land, magic ran wild and the world was filled with otherworldly creatures. Gods were a double edged sword. They were old and experienced and full of secret lore, which allowed them to accelerate the evolution of mortal beings at a far greater pace than they otherwise would be able to reach. But they also fought against each other using mortal beings as their pawns, to be discarded after use.
But in this world, things were different. The Elemental Lords had fought a great battle against each other near the dawn of time, far more fiercely and violently than in that other world. At the end of the battle, there was a great explosion as their attacks collided, and all four Elemental Lords were blasted to smithereens. Their remains spread across the universe to form stars and planets. However, without the Lords' conscious guidance, it was almost impossible for life to form. For many eons there was no life at all. Then one day, it mysteriously began to spontaneously replicate itself into existence, on a tiny little speck of a world called “Terrenia”.
This is a story about the beings who lived on that world. It is a tale of adventure, heroes and villains,  love and friendship, loss and hardship. But more than that, it is a tale of endless never ending horror and boredom, in a beautiful and ugly world where the stakes are high and the odds are poor, where the heroes often lose and the villains don’t fare much better, where the greatest minds are often astoundingly foolish, the most powerful are almost powerless to do anything in the end, and where everyone else just gives up without even trying or pretends that things are not as grim as they truly are. It is a tale of magic and mundanity, of bloody wars and damn bureaucracy and endless paperwork and people going hungry and the endless search for answers.
Welcome to Terrenia.

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