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Darkfenne Necromancer Part 2

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--- Quote from: silverclawgrizzly on May 01, 2017, 08:43:59 PM ---Flippin Millie can't remember her password but she'd like me to point out that if a Necromancer can burst some early damage you can put your opponent on the defensive with A LOT of ways to keep that damage around. Most people play Necromancer passive but if you play aggressive with a sound strategy, knowing when to fall back or press you can keep your opponent off balance. By no means a "brave" or "courageous" mage the Necromancer can throw boulders at people and it's not like he shouldn't have already put Marked for Death on you anyway. Marked for Death, it's like Hawkeye but all my friends get it too....even when they hit you with Melee :) Combined with good DoT you can win a game much faster than people think.

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Very good points!

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--- Quote from: silverclawgrizzly on May 01, 2017, 10:46:25 PM ---If the Paladin challenges you and you have nothing better to least you get to re-roll.

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lol. 3/4 dice rr/ :)

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Better than no reroll :)

Great write up, learned a lot. Thank you.


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