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Can any Ambassadors give an idea of how long to expect a response on an Ambassador Application? The website says 5 business days but it's been three weeks since I submitted the application and my email.

I'm not in a rush, just wondering what others have experienced.

I fear the mysterious, sudden and unexplained disappearance of Laddinfance (aka Aaron Brosman) has resulted in a void in this department. I don't even know who you should contact regarding this anymore.

Well it is unclear whether he left or not, we got differing statements.

I would contact Tony Guilloti.

Robert Geistlinger:
Hey all, just wanted to chime in. I'm currently looking into reshaping the Ambassador program to better suit Arcane Wonders' growing and changing needs. I've been working on redoing the Arcane Wonders website and we will be streamlining information about the program.

Here is a post on the Arcane Wonders Ambassadors Facebook page where I've been in dialogue to gauge some feedback:

We have several ambassador applications that have come in that are in my queue to answer. There isn't a void, things have just been extremely busy on our end as we prepare for the convention season to begin and set things in motion for our new releases.


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