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Any update on if Spell Book Builder will ever be worth using again?

It's still missing -

Paladin Vs Siren
Lost Grimore
Academy Beastmastrer
Academy Priestess
Academy Warlock
Academy Wizard

This lack of updating just leads more to the effect of AW, losing interest in supporting MW.
It makes it seem like AW is forcing people to use 3rd party software (OCTGN) to play the game.  To me this is us acceptable. While Wizards of the cost is an infinitely larger company, when a new magic set is released, it is uploaded into their card database.  We are currently over a year behind on cards being added to spell book builder. 

A set is completed 4-5 months before it is released to the public. there is no excuse that those cards can not be created for upload into SBB in that time frame, and have them uploaded into the builder the same week the cards are released to game stores.

Lost Grimore final file was released to playtesters in late April and released to the public in November. That was 6 months, from final Digital version to printed product, yet those cards are still not in SBB. Battlegrounds: Domination was released well over a year ago.

Has AW given up on supporting MW other than releasing card sets?

Thankfully, your pleas have been voiced and answered already in this thread here:

Robert Geistlinger:
Yeah, lots of discussion concerning the Spellbook builder today  :P

In all seriousness, we do understand the frustration. Arcane Wonders has experienced a lot of changes in the past couple months, and the SBB is definitely on the list of projects we are actively working on. We're not trying to be vague with the details, we're just trying to work through how to efficiently get the updates done to the current tools and also allow the fans to build their own SBBs if desired --we're watching those with interest.

Additionally, I'll be rolling out an updated website soon, so resources for all the individual product pages are being pulled together so there isn't any missing information, Rulebooks etc.

For the sake of accuracy, Battlegrounds Domination is in the SBB/Database. Well, at least the cards from that set are there, although you can't choose it as a set that you own, so you have to disable card counts in order to add any Domination cards to your book. And on top of that, any of the Domination cards with the "Epic"  trait can't be added, even with card counts ignored, because that trait was accidentally listed under "Mage type" in the database, and since you can't have "Mage type = Epic", it will always give an error when adding it to your book.

But aside from that, yes, it's hopelessly out of date.

I discovered Tony's post shortly after posting my question. I have always loved this game and bring it every week to my massive 100+ player gaming group yet can't get people willing to play, not only because of it's complexity, but because of lack of support from the company. The last time I played MW was at GenCon.

Yet last week, out of the blue an old friend I haven't talked to in about 5 years appeared at my gaming group with a friend. they asked what I was playing and I hadn't decided on anything yet, as I had just finished a game of Boss monster. I mentioned that I bought my favorite game ever, but can't ever get people to play it with me. when I told him it was mage wars, his face totally lit up. He owns every expansion except for PvS, and also never gets to play and loves it.

So I ran them both through a game, and not the other guy is going to get it, so I have a few people to play with, yet no real easy way to build new books.  I look forward to next week playing the one guy who is going to bring a book of his own, (he watches tons of the Arcane duels streams), and crushing him with playtest cards that aren't released yet!

But getting a functional SBB is incredibly important. And you are even smaller of a company then you were since letting Aaron go. The fact that players are growing on OCTGN shows that the game is loved, but it appears that AW does not support the players.


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