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Author Topic: Academy Netdecking thread  (Read 5740 times)

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Academy Netdecking thread
« on: January 28, 2017, 07:09:20 PM »
Have you ever wanted to share the joy of playing some of your awesome spellbooks with newer players but don't want to reveal your spell list to the whole competitive world? Or have you ever seen someone play a really interesting strategy and thought, "That looks fun, I want to try that!" but very few people wanted to share their spellbook lists with you?

This thread is for people to request already designed spellbook lists to try and for people who want to privately share their precious spellbook lists. To request a spellbook to netdeck, simply post below asking for one and wait for another forum member to pm you with a spellbook list.

If you have a spellbook that you would like to offer to others for netdecking, post below with the spellbook's mage-class and its general playstyle (i.e. a fast swarm deck, or a slow buddy tank, etc.) Then wait for another forum member to pm you requesting the spellbook list.

Have fun netdecking!
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