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Author Topic: Question about the design of PvS  (Read 10761 times)

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Re: Question about the design of PvS
« Reply #15 on: November 21, 2016, 12:02:14 PM »
also consider that differences exist because what would be the point if everyone had access to the same thing only named differently. some differences are for theme. others exist just to keep the envoronment from being vanilla where everyone has access to the exact same items in their school. those differences also produce obstacles folks need to contemplate or overcome during the deck building process. how players confront those differences or obstacles are how we all end up with differnt builds for a given mage.
I never said I had a problem with ring of tides giving better bonuses but only when you have initiative. That is perfectly fine, and this kind of diversity is definitely welcome.
My problem was that the ring that improve hydro attacks is "mage only", unlike the rings that improve other damage types. This isn't a diversity that create more strategies, but a specific limitation that prevent more strategies.

It is still possible to release a more "normal" ring that buffs water spell melee and ranged attacks in the future. It just wasn't something done in this set!

That would make sense if we got another water-trained mage in the future.
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