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Author Topic: Tournament Report: Mace Operation Home Front Fundraiser  (Read 2873 times)


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Tournament Report: Mace Operation Home Front Fundraiser
« on: November 15, 2016, 09:20:46 AM »
It's been a few days so I've had time to process the whole event and am posting the actual report from an organizers stand point.

As with every event lots of interest is expressed and it's hard to get an actual head count of players until the actual day of. I'm a perfectionist OCD type with any project I run so this is just something you have to learn to deal with. Fortunately I had two excellent judges in the form of JasonBourneZombie and Magerunner. In total 12 people entered they were:

Silverclawgrizzly: Straywood Beast Master
Biblofilter: Straywood Beast Master
Drew F: Straywood Beast Master
Jimillia: Necromancer
DrMambo: Necromancer
Littlenog: Araxian Warlock
Sharkbait: Adramelech Warlock
Sarah B: Force Master
James M: Siren
Puddnhead: Paladin
Devilsvendetta: Priestess
Ki: Priestess

I must say it felt like the excitement and anticipation for this event was higher this year than in years past but I was very pleased about the level of sportsmanship I saw. Few people got a bit sore over loses and a few winners were a bit smug but nothing outside of acceptable gamer levels honestly. Can't believe we had to go to like 3rd or 4th tie breaker for the Final 4 but there you are. I personally got 6th place after going 2-1 thanks to Puddnhead :)

The people who run Mace couldn't be more gracious to us with the space we were granted and the support they've shown us. I want to acknowledge that Mace is the greatest gaming convention in the Carolinas. If you're in the area check it out.

Prize support this year was ridiculous. Arcane Wonders sent a healthy amount and a local store, Carolina Table Top Gaming was very generous as well. I was also able to hustle up some extra stuff playing the favor game so I'm very happy on the prize support aspect. Core set, PvS, Academy Warlock and a host of other stuff including some gorgeous art pieces all seemed to go down well.

In the end we met our fundraiser goal with $30 to spare so can't complain there. I'll be choosing Operation Home Front again next year and hope to see everyone back again with new faces to boot.
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