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Vote for more plant creatures and vine spells for druid.

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If you like your druid, and you believe that is time!!!! that you get more plants for your spellbook, because it´s boring playing the same, again and again...

Vote this threat!!!!!

Give us soon more Plant creatures and Vine spells!!!!

Your druid musn´t be forgotten!!!

More variety!!!! new strategics!!! more plants for your garden!!! level 1 plants!!!

Moved the topic to the appropriate sub-forum. Carry on.

I vote for more even though the current ones are great!

Keeping mind that mushrooms are Fungi, not plants, what kind of plants do you want to see? It's great to ask for more, but it's better to give some idea of what you want to see.

Hmm, maybe like level 1-3 ents. Mini Togorahs.


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