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Author Topic: Etheria: Axis Powers! The Dawnlight Compact! Arraxia Rising part 2  (Read 7572 times)

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"Welcome to the Delta zone," said Arraxia. "This is where I keep most of my prisoners. There are 612 prison units in here, each stocked with a plethora of useful tools and harsh interrogation techniques."

Danny Sue, the security inspector, gulped and asked a question he knew he'd regret.

"What kind of techniques?"

Arraxia told him. Arraxia told him in excruciating, loving detail.

Danny Sue threw up.

"Hey! You're my home security inspector! And you just made a mess in my home! I demand compensation!"

"Um, what sort of compensation, sir? Or madam? Or whatever..."

Danny Sue looked up at the demonic country with wide and frightened eyes.

Arraxia grinned mirthlessly.

"Clean it up of course!"

"Clean it...up?"

And the rest of Infernia. You'll be my janitor as well as my security inspector for all eternity.

"Is there any other way I can compensate you?" asked Danny.

The evil, hungry smile that broke out on Arraxia's face chilled Danny to the bone.

After being restrained and tortured by a demon for the rest of the day, Danny finally stopped screaming. A single red tear rolled down his cheeks, and he heard the screams of the eternally damned. At least he was damned only for a few days, unlike them.

The demon finally stopped and left. Then Arraxia said, "It seems like all of the equipment in the Delta Zone is working just fine, and my operations here are running smoothly. Did you notice any means by which a prisoner could escape?"

Danny thought for a moment, knowing that a lie would make it happen all over again, only worse.

"Not really. I think the only way someone could escape from these facilities would be if one of your demons let them out. Wait a minute, do demons have any way of identifying each other, other than by who's the meanest and strongest? I didn't see a uniform on the guard who tortured me, not even a badge."

"I used to have both badges and uniforms, until they were destroyed," said Arraxia, frowning.

"What? Why?"

"They became so blackened and burnt that they all looked the same in the end. They probably also got ripped from a little roughhousing."

"What's to stop a demon guard from deciding to free a prisoner?" Danny asked.

"Oh don't worry, they won't decide to do that," Arraxia declared smugly.

"Why not?"

"Let's just say, I have my ways."

"And if those ways are not enough?"

"I...I don't know. I suppose that if that happens I can form an evil plan to recover the prisoners after they escape."

Danny Sue frowned and wrote something on his clipboard.

"Moving on," said Arraxia. They left the Delta Zone, blocking out the screams from
within by shutting its door firmly behind them.
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