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Author Topic: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers  (Read 371558 times)


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Re: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers
« Reply #570 on: January 23, 2017, 08:43:13 AM »
Thanks for answer.

Can I change "the strongest creature"? For example: I have 2 Knights of the Red Helm (A and B) and my opponent has 2 creatures of the same mana cost (creatures C and D). At the same round my knight A attack creature C and get melee +2 because I choose that the strongest creature is C. Then in the same round my knight B attack creature D and I want name him now the strongest creature. Can I do this? Or I must choose the strongest once and wait until my opponent summon 3ed creature of the came mana cost?

PS new mages are awesome!

Yes, you can do this.  Each time you need to check for strongest you get to choose if there's a tie.  So each knight can swing at a different creature while getting the bonus as long as those two creatures are tied for most mana cost.
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Re: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers
« Reply #571 on: January 23, 2017, 08:51:18 AM »
Would there be a difference if the ruling were the following?

"When two or more creatures tie for strongest, all of those creatures count as the strongest."

I guess it would matter if you had a Sweeping attack or used Whirling Strike or Battle Fury to hit several tied creatures in the same attack action.
(Actually, KotRH gains Melee +2 when attacking the strongest, so he'd only get the bonus once when using any of the above multi-strikes/attacks)
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Re: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers
« Reply #572 on: January 23, 2017, 10:06:07 AM »
You basically already figured out the difference. It would matter in cases where multiple objects are involved. So, not a huge difference, especially with the current cards, but an important enough one to make going forward in design.

Let's look at your Sweeping example. It actually does make a difference here. Say you do a sweeping attack with Knight of the Red Helm against two creatures who are both tied for the strongest. If they both counted as the strongest, you'd get the Melee bonus against whichever one you attacked first. However, by being allowed to choose, you could save the bonus for the second attack. Perhaps because one was guarding, forcing you to attack it first despite the other one being a higher priority target.


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Re: Paladin vs Siren Spoilers
« Reply #573 on: January 26, 2017, 08:55:20 PM »
Ring of healing and Paladin's Cloak:
Can I heal creature 3 gamage, then increase that amount by one and gain the Valor?

Paladin with Paladin's Cloak and Ring Of healing cast Martyr's Restoration.
1) Can Paladin take Valor? He removes 4-5 damage from creature.
From codex: Heal- healing removes damage from Living creatures and conjurations.
Martyr's Restoration- remove up to 5 damage from target creature and place it on the caster of this spell.
So, it was healing.

2) After this spell was casting, Paladin can heal himself from his Paladin's Cloak.

3) Can Paladin use ring to heal the creature 1 damage, when casting Martyr's Restoration?

This ring can work with Healing Wand and Healing Madrigal.
But can this ring work with Theft of Life?
I think it can. So, for 4 points in spell book, 2 quick actions, 6 mana and enemy mage have regenerate  we have:
1) Heal our mage on 2 damage
2) Prevent enemy mage 1 heal.

My Paladin has Temple of Dawnbreaker.
My enemy have initiative.
The Challenged enemy's creature attacks mage. He can re-roll and I can say him to re-rall.
If I have initiative, I can say him to use his ability first. And then use my temple to re-roll all attack dices.
But now enemy has initiative, so creature roll dices 1st time, then I can use temple if not, creature may re-roll some dices and I can not use my temple yet. Am I right?
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