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Author Topic: I think I finally figured out the whole Adramelech and Taranis thing!  (Read 5544 times)

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So when I first learned about Adramelech, Lord of Fire, I was confused. He's clearly Etheria's version of the Devil and he's the King of Infernia. So how is it that he serves another more powerful dark god?

Here's why: Adramelech may be the Devil, but Taranis is the Demiurge!

I now expect that Taranis has some sort of relationship with Rajan or the Elemental Lords. Maybe animals and matter used to be Taranis's domain, but he lost those domains and they were taken up by the Elemental Lords and Rajan?
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Taranis is the supreme Dark God. He is also one of the New Gods, who drove out the Elemental Lords during the Age of Catastrophe. (The Elemental Lords have been driven out, but they still have adherents, and obviously, their magicks are still studied, though in a much less prominent way at places like Sistarra. The Elemental Lords have, at various times in Etheria's past, attempted to regain their former glory...)

Adramelech is not a god, though he is quite powerful in his own right. He is the ruler of Infernia, another Realm of existence, one from which the demons are spawned. While in Infernia, he projects terrible power and control over his subjects -- in this respect, he is virtually like a God in his own Realm. Dark Mages in the realm of Etheria can summon an aspect of him into the arena, and though a deadly threat, he is far from his true deadly self. (The same goes for Malacoda).

As a God, Taranis projects his power to both Infernia and Etheria. Adramalech (and all the demons) fear and follow him.
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