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Author Topic: Etheria: Axis Powers--the Dawnlight Compact! Episode IV part 1  (Read 6489 times)

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Etheria: Axis Powers--the Dawnlight Compact! Episode IV part 1
« on: January 27, 2016, 04:01:07 PM »

This is a fan-made parody work of Mage Wars inspired by the "Hetalia" animes. Since it is a parody, it is fair use.


The opening theme song in this chapter is based on "Draw a Circle, There's the Earth" which is the ending theme song for the anime "Hetalia: Axis Powers". There is a different version for every country in the show.

Etheria: Axis Powers
The Dawnlight Compact!

Episode IV: Converging Fronts

Part 1: Prelude to Destruction

"You fools can't fight me! Accept your inevitable deaths!"

"Not today," said Sortilege. Wychwood nodded firmly in agreement and Straywood barked his support.

After an epic, overly long 1v3 battle between our heroes and the villainous version of Darkfenne that will not be shown (because the 1vMany rules that are supposed to come in the Archmage Battlegrounds set have not been released yet), the good guys were starting to tire. At the same time, Darkfenne was just getting started. The rot in Wychwood's leg was getting worse. They couldn't win this fight on their own. They would have to request more foreign aid. The villainous version of Darkfenne was a threat to the entire Central Hearthlands, not just Wychwood and Straywood.

Darkfenne cast enfeeble on our heroes, but Sortilege was prepared with a reverse magic on himself. Straywood and Wychwood were slowed, but so was Darkfenne, and Sortilege was not.

“You—” Darkfenne started.

“RUN SORTILEGE!” shouted Wychwood. “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

“No. I have a better idea…” Sortilege didn’t run.

He teleported away instead.

Darkfenne advanced on Wychwood and Straywood. Straywood glared at Wychwood.

“We’ll survive this,” said Wychwood. “We have to.”

They continued to fight on, in slow motion.

A nasty smile, eyes hidden in shadow.

“The Bloodwave seeks to claim Westlock’s wealth and might for his own. It is the perfect distraction. I have already conquered most of Salenia. She can run, but she can’t hide. Heh. Westlock will never see this coming.”

The spotlight shone down, revealing his tough battle-scarred face. He summoned a few soldiers to play the different instruments, conjured a microphone out of thin air, took a deep breath, and then began to sing his national anthem, which happens to be the theme song. The instruments began to play.

“Draw a circle. That’s Etheria!
Draw a circle. That’s Etheria!
Draw a circle. That’s Etheriaaaaaaaaaa….
My name is Ivarium!

Draw a circle. That’s Etheria!
Watch closely! That’s Etheria!
Could it really…be Etheriaaaaa?
My name is Ivarium!"

Sortilege barged into Westlock's Palace-Temple to find Westlock frantically searching for something.

“Westlock! Darkfenne is having another psychotic episode!”

Again?" Westlock said, exasperatedly. "AAARRRGH where is it!? It must have been stolen after all.”

“Just because something’s missing doesn’t mean it was stolen,” Sortilege pointed out wryly.

“I know that, but Bloodwave literally was trying to steal from me earlier today, and he threatened to steal even more. I would appreciate it if you would go to his mountain and make him bring back the stuff he stole from me.” Her tone made it sound like an order.

“Why can’t you do it yourself?” asked Sortilege.

“I need to stay here and protect my economy. I’m not wasting resources on a war with the Bloodwave because that would leave me vulnerable to other enemies.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be the mightiest nation of Etheria? Just raise your taxes, for crying out loud. You don’t need to have all this extravagance,” Sortilege indicated the rather over-the-top fanciness of the architecture. “all the da** time. You're facing a war on several fronts: Arraxia, Bloodwave, Ivarium and pretty soon Darkfenne as well. You can afford to be a little uncomfortable for a while.”

“I’ll be fine," said Westlock, tightly. "Asyra will protect me, like she always does.”

“I liked you better during the Demon Wars," said Sortilege. "Back then you were a hero who fought to protect the world, a light unto the nations. Now you expect us all to kowtow to you. The nations of Etheria are not your children, Westlock. And we’re not going to bail you out of trouble forever.”

Sortilege left.

Westlock turned to one of her still remaining vanity mirrors and took a long hard look at himself—saw his grim determination, and the single tear that rolled down her cheek.
Next time: Sortilege and Salenia go on an undercover mission to the Bloodwave's mountain. Hilarity ensues.

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