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Author Topic: Etheria: Axis Powers--the Dawnlight Compact! Episode III part 2  (Read 7428 times)

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Etheria: Axis Powers--the Dawnlight Compact! Episode III part 2
« on: December 14, 2015, 06:41:37 PM »

This is a fan-made parody work of Mage Wars inspired by the "Hetalia" animes. Since it is a parody, it is fair use.


Etheria: Axis Powers
The Dawnlight Compact!

Episode III: Unholy Tides

Part 2:  Finding Darkfenne

"But Salenia, sheer intellect and common sense isn't enough, you need to actually look for the truth. It's not something that you just find inside you."

"Sometimes it's not enough," Salenia corrected him, "But a lot of the time it is. You say my methods are somewhat Aristotelian, but the truth is I do not have the same amount of need for certainty that you do. Sometimes it is enough to know that something is probably true or close to the truth, even if there is a chance that it might technically not be true. What matters more is how useful it is to our decisions and their outcomes."

"So then you wouldn't care if most people thought the world was flat, so long as their ignorance of the true answer did not negatively impact the outcomes of their decisions?" asked Sortilege, incredulously.

"I did not say that--" Salenia started, before they were interrupted by a furious banging on the front door of the Library-Lab.

Straywood dropped from the sky and landed on all fours, then scampered furiously up to the front door of Sortilege's Library-Lab, which he banged his paws on angrily.

Sortilege opened the door to find Straywood growling at him accusatorily, a zombified hydra head on the ground beside him. Sortilege's eyes bulged, and he covered his mouth and nose from the rotting smell.

"You think I'm responsible for this? Don't be ridiculous, I woudn't let any of my precious experiments get anywhere near you without supervision, and I've been here this whole time having a friendly philosophical debate with Salenia. I'll help you get to the bottom of this. I already have a few hypotheses as to what is going on here."

Straywood raised an eyebrow. Sortilege was wearing a rather elegant skirt and a dark green robe.

"Salenia?" Sortilege called back into the library-lab. "I have to go out and investigate something. I'll be back soon, alright?"

Straywood's eyebrows were still raised at the rather elegant clothing Sortilege was wearing.

"It wasn't a date Straywood. We were just drinking tea and talking. Just because two nations hang out and drink tea doesn't mean they're dating."

Now both of Straywoods eyebrows were high. He had actually been thinking of how Sortilege was supposed to go fight zombies, wearing what she was currently wearing. She had high heels on for crying out loud!

"And besides, it would never work between us. She lives all the way on the other side of Westlock's Palace-Temple, and we'd have to cross through her territory whenever we wanted to see each other. And Salenia's already in a relationship anyway...with Ivarium--Now there's a corrupt and oppressive country. Really, Salenia deserves better than that dunce. Well, at least she's not dating Arraxia."

Even Straywood shuddered, at that.

Once they were near enough, they teleported to Darkfenne's Bog-Swamp-Cemetery.

"Darkfenne!? Where are you?" Sortilege shouted. "Where is that country? I hope he's not causing trouble." Then she spotted Wychwood, whose foot had gotten caught in some sticky, rotting swamp muck. Straywood looked startled and a bit annoyed to see her.

"Wychwood!" said Sortilege. "Could you please tell us where we can find Darkfenne? We have some questions for him."

"I would love to help, but I"m a little busy. That crazy bastard trapped me here, and I'm having trouble getting loose."

"You know he didn't mean it, Wychwood."

Wychwood gave Sortilege a look.

"Okay, he did mean it, but he wouldn't have if he were in his right mind! All this death, disease and gothic poetry corrupts him! We need to snap him out of it! Again."

"Okay, I'll help, just get me out of this unnatural muck," said Wychwood. "Meridia only knows how long it's going to take me to detox from this crap."

"Can't you just remove the condition markers by paying their removal costs?" asked Sortilege reasonably.

"Yes, and that will take weeks. You do realize I'm an entire country, right? There are a lot of poison conditions that need to be removed."

With the help of a force push, Straywood pulled Wychwood's foot out of the sticky swamp muck with his bare hands/talons/paws/whatever, and Wychwood gradually started removing the rot.

"Okay, let's go find Darkfenne," said Wychwood once her foot was healed enough to walk on.

"Where should we look first?"

Straywood pointedly looked in a certain direction.

"We should try waiting at the Cemetary, he's bound to return there at some point," said Sortilege.

"Agreed," said Wychwood.

Straywood barked, annoyed.

"What is it Straywood? asked  Sortilege.

Straywood barked impatiently, looked over in a certain direction where a dark-cloaked figure was walking past, each of the figure's steps becoming weaker as his breath became more ragged.

"Darkfenne!" shouted Wychwood, confrontationally. "We meet again."

"Don't come any closer!" Darkfenne shouted in rising panic as he noticed our heroes. "I'm poisonous, I don't want to hurt you..."

"You've always been poisonous, Darkfenne," said Sortilege impatiently. "Are you on the verge of another one of  your megalomaniacal psychotic breakdowns caused by existential angst again?"

"Um, yes..." said Darkfenne, shakily. "I'm sorry!" and then he was consumed by the coming of night.


After a super-sexy and super creepy transformation sequence that is too horrifying to imagine, let alone describe, Darkfenne opened her eyes. A wicked smirk played across her lips as she gazed at our heroes with her cold, uncaring and malevolent eyes. She threw back her head and laughed.

To be Continued...
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