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Author Topic: Are there any plans for official organized team play?  (Read 2473 times)

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Are there any plans for official organized team play?
« on: October 16, 2015, 08:34:12 AM »
I would really love to see this. Mage Wars seems perfect for team play, and I really wish that it was more of a thing. As it is, there are no global metagames for team play, and people don't talk much on the forums about their local team play metagames. I have yet to see a single match report from a 2v2 tournament anywhere, in all the time I have been a mage wars player. I think if 2v2 Standard Arena was made available as a format for official tournaments, team play might become more of a thing that people pay attention to.

I don't think that gamelength should be an issue, because while a 2v2 game is longer, in a 2v2 tournament their would be half as many games because the players would all be paired up.

That being said, I understand that there is limited time and space at conventions. Since there hasn't been any organized play at Origins for the past year or two because of a lack of space, perhaps we could have something setup by ambassadors at a nearby restaurant or cafe? There's a good place with a lot of room in the hotel across the street from the convention center, and if there was a way we could reserve space for a tournament there during Origins that would be great. (Although I don't know how expensive it would be to reserve space for a tournament there.) We could even make it so that 2v2 is at Origins and 1v1 is at Gen Con one year, and vice versa the next, or something like that. Or maybe we could have a tournament at a local library, if we got permission for it.

What do you think?
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