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Author Topic: The Sunfire Conspiracy  (Read 6938 times)

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The Sunfire Conspiracy
« on: October 31, 2015, 01:19:45 PM »

"Balance of power? Is that really what the Straywood thinks?" said the Wizard, Vance. "What a farce."

"Every second someone DIES! Every day millions suffer horrible pain!" the Druid, Dew, seethed.

The exiled anvil mountain Warlord, Mek'makir, sitting on her stool said quietly, "It is obvious that the six major schools of magic are not morally equal. The Arraxian crown tortures souls. The Darkfenne poisons everything it touches. The Asyran religion enslaves minds, and the followers of Malakai kill those who dissent. The Bloodwave kills and plunders out of enjoyment rather than mere necessity. But Sortilege promotes Wisdom, not hallowed ignorance. the Wychwood protects life, and condemns death. And Salenia..."

"My people are quite intelligent," said Forsylith, her voice hard. "They will surely change their minds eventually."

"Then we must hasten Project: Avatar's education," said Vance. "Its power will be crucial for determining the fate of all life in our world. If the Straywood decide to oppose us, then we must treat them as our enemy."

"I don't like it," said the beastmaster, Talonscratch. "The Straywood values survival. That's the reason we hunt. For survival, and no other reason. We don't end lives for the pleasure of it."

"Perhaps the Straywood doesn't value survival as much as they claim," Dew snapped at her.

Talonclaw glared back at him.

"Or perhaps they are under the Darkfenne's influence? I could go gather some intel if you like."

"So you can go join your other Necro buddies? You're not fooling anyone, Graverobber."

The masked Necromancer glanced at Dew. "I do not kill sapient beings if I can help it. But under the current status quo, it is sometimes necessary to take one life to save countless others. It is our mission to make that loss of life completely unnecessary, is it not?"

"Very well," said Vance. "You will go to the Darkfenne to gather intel. But first, I think it's time you proved to us that we can trust you. The Paladin who has been threatening our operations. I want you to find him and stop him, without killing him. If you kill him he'll be able to tell Asyra everything he knows about us. You must not under any circumstances let him die, but you also must find a way to neutralize the threat he poses. Is your objective clear?"

"Crystal clear," said Graverobber, and he departed.
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