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Official MW Lore: Sistarra, the Grand Academy of Magic

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--- Quote from: DaFurryFury on September 29, 2015, 02:17:12 AM ----sigh- This is the second lore article I've read and have been kinda disappointed with. It's interesting stuff for sure, I'm totally the type of guy to really delve into my game worlds. I just find things like this far too textbooky. It's not bad it's just dull. It's not good writing (maybe delivery is a better word). Everything said here could easily have been presented in a story type fashion with a student discovering parts of this by exploring the campus or from the perspectives of the teachers themselves. I don't want to simply know about the magic academies, I want to experience them. Have you ever experienced something from a History textbook? Probably not, but when you read a great novel you get to learn about a world by living in it through a character.

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There are many times when 3rd person works better than 1st person. I found this nugget of knowledge to be golden. Though Amadseer the Cursed story line is absolutely fantastic and my favorite!

Sartorial studies and aesthetic magery. The most fabulous of magic classes!  ;D


--- Quote from: Sabrath_Kell on September 13, 2015, 11:02:02 PM ---Magus Nenet-amon (Human Fire Wizard from Dsjer-tet)
Professor of Elemental Linguistics

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We wondered in the German Mage Wars forum: Are there still Wizards trained in other element schools than Air in Etheria (but you can’t play them right now) or was the change also a retroactive change in the Lore?


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