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Author Topic: Battle Report from Origins Domination.  (Read 4586 times)


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Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« on: June 07, 2015, 09:30:33 PM »
    Waiting for the arena gate to open, This new arena and the power of the V’tar soon to be with in the control of Sortilege.  Our library had discovered new creatures spells to assist me in this conquest.  Creatures called Sslak orb guardians, the V’Torrak Gate, and of course Galaxxus, a conjuration which mimicked the the V’Tar Orbs. 
The drawing of lots indicated I would have to face a Johkari beast master.
     It is almost insulting to have a fire mage of my caliber duel one of those beast slinging, tree hugging, stump-humpers.  My contempt had no bounds.
     The practice rituals of the academy had several well thought out battle plans.  She is fast, nimble, and prefers ranged weapons.  Though the Johkari do employ some very powerful beasts like the Steelclaw and Cervere, I had planned for those. Finally the gate opens and the new arena greats me.
     It was like nothing I had seen before, no rectangular pit, this arena was alive and already populated.  I counted four V’tar Orbs each with a Sslak guarding it.  Near my opponent’s entrance the ground was broken and burning with bubbling lava.  To my left was a pool of acid, splashing in all directions. This was going to be easy, I will start by casting an harmonized gate near the Sslak.  It will guard my conjuration as well as the orb.
     I delayed casting the gate so that I could get in range of the guarded orb. The Johkari did not seem in a hurry to push out a quick spell. Finishing summoning and harmonizing the gate. I glance at my opponent, did I just see her hurl a rock at a Sslak… hehe it will take more potentl spells than that to down one of those beasts. Then her mana takes the form of a powerful black panther, Cervere. 
     A gremlin will not tip the balance, but dare I channel all my mana and summon a Gorgon Archer? Yes! I can recover the mana and the S’sak will guard everything in the zone as long as it’s precious orb is there.
     A flash of black and the Forrest Shadow devours the S’sak nearest my opponent. The beast master runs and activates the first V’tar orb.  I see the mana flow from the orb to her. She then summons Galaxxus behind her, Two sources of V’tar…. I was not prepared for this.
    Focusing on the gate to bring forth a blue gremlin from Voltari, commanding the gorgon to fire on the Johkari, and preparing a seeking dispel and a curse for her. I quick cast chains of agony, and move into position for an arcane zap if I don’t need to dispel her enchantment.
     A wall of thorns appears behind me. I swear as I feel the force push hit me. An apprentice mistake. Luckily there is minimal damage as the thorns rip through my newest set of robes. Out of range, no line of sight. I spot a secret passage and scrabble to the other side of the arena, comfortable within the protection of another S’sak. The Johkari gains still more mana and V’tar from the orbs.
     Using the Volari gate, I summon another gremlin, command the gorgon to continue firing at the beast master. Channeling mana into my first gremlin, he teleports and neutralizes the orb. I move toward the contested orb, cast a hawk eye enchantment and zap the beast master.  She regains control of the orb and sets Cereve to guard it. Mana and V’tar continue to flow into my opponent. This is getting out of control. I must get rid of Cervere.
     A third gremlin appears, I am able to banish Cervere and the beast master summons a raptor, and fires a rock at one of the gremlins.  They are able to neutralize her orb and the V’tar, though still flowing from Galaxxus, wanes.
     The beast master conjures a wand with a wind storm, pushing both gremlins toward the lava. They return and gain control of the orb, I realize now that the Johkari will soon have enough V’tar to vanquish me.
     To succeed she must live! I have to kill her now. All creatures under my control concentrate on attacking the beast master.  I can see the poison of the archers arrows sapping her strength. The gremlins dart in and out of range.  One falls to the jaws of the raptor, but not before injuring her further.  I am frantic, hurl rock, arcane zap, almost out of mana. She falls.  It is over.


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Re: Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2015, 09:39:05 PM »
This is not a detailed description, I wrote it in narrative form because most of the details were lost to me. It was a close and intense game, and I failed to take notes.  The entire match lasted only about 30 min and ended with Laddinfance holding 9 or 10 V'tar before he died.  It was extremely exciting to play and I want to thank all of the Arcane Wonders staff.  Origins was great.


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Re: Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2015, 07:06:31 AM »
Here is the spell list for the Fire Wizard I used in the Battlegrounds match with laddinfance.

Suppression Cloak
Leather Boots
Leather Gloves
Eagleclaw boots
Elemental Wand
Dragonscale Hauberk
Wand of Healing
Dispel wand

V'Torrak Gate (Freindly Creatures in zones with V'tar Orbs may use a move action to Teleport to this zone)
Wizard's Tower
Gate to Voltari
Harshforge Monolith
Tanglevine X2
Wall of Fire x2

Blue gremlin x3
Gargolye Sentry
Sslak x2
Gorgon Archer
Devouring Jelly

Teleport x3
Seeking Dispel x2
Dispel x2
dissolve x2
Force Push x2
Purge Magic
Steal enchantment

Circle of Fire
Brace yourself
Nullify x2
Chains of Agony
Akiro's Favor
Poisioned Blood

Fireball x3
Ring of Fire
Jet Stream
Hurl Rock
Acid Ball


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Re: Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2015, 11:46:14 AM »
Hey, this is great! Thanks!
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Re: Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2015, 07:08:23 PM »
Pretty good. You might want to do a little more showing and a little less telling, though. I enjoyed reading it.

Also, a bit of advice, if you want to hear it: You might want to elaborate a bit more on the setting, and make your wizard a little more believable as a character. As he is now he comes across as kind of a strawman. Not all wizards have contempt for or even look down on the native tribes of johktari's jungle(s). A wizard of sortilege might not understand or agree with johktari tribal ways, but that doesn't mean that they look down on the people of johktari tribes. Has your character had a particularly bad personal experience with the johktari? Maybe he accidentally trespassed on their land and was unfairly captured and punished for it, before he learned their language well enough to explain that NO, he was not another conqueror from the central hearthlands? Or maybe he has a wicked cool scar given to him by an evil johktari beastmaster and it caused him to think badly of the johktari in general? Maybe his scar makes him look tougher and cause other academics to have trouble taking him seriously, especially the kind that does lab research instead of field research. Or maybe he doesn't look down on the johktari at all, and just finds them (or just some aspects of their culture) a little irritating?

Or maybe your character is actually a woman. There's no rule that says Wizards with sortilegian training of the kind that come in the core set have to be male.

The possibilities are endless!
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Re: Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« Reply #5 on: June 09, 2015, 12:46:28 AM »
I loved the story. For me it totally makes sense. The attitudes and character of the wizard is totally believable for me. Thanks for writing a wonderful  battle report.


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Re: Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« Reply #6 on: June 09, 2015, 07:31:05 AM »
Thank you
     I realize my prose is not polished, but I wanted to report on the Play Aaron at Origins event as soon as I could when I got home.  Not having proper notes, I couldn't write a turn by turn report giving mana totals and details, so my son and I set up the board and I recreated the events from memory.  It was an exciting battle with an insane pace.  I felt I was in trouble at the end of turn two.
     I had actually prepared three different spell books for domination. Had I chosen the druid, my favorite, there is not a doubt in my mind that I would have lost that battle.  My warlord may have been a bit better off, but it still would have been close.
     Aaron is a great player and a wonderful host.


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Re: Battle Report from Origins Domination.
« Reply #7 on: June 09, 2015, 09:44:30 AM »
     Aaron is a great player and a wonderful host.

Oh I've got you fooled...  :o

But seriously, I had a blast. Those 4 games I played were a definite highlight of my weekend. Thank you everyone who participated.