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World and Lore of Etheria
« on: June 29, 2015, 12:57:38 PM »
I've been asked about the order and scope of official writings in the Mage Wars universe. Here's the comprehensive list of what's been published.

A Map of Etheria

Background Lore
History of Etheria
An overall view of the history of Etheria here, including a timeline

The Gods of Etheria
All the Gods, Goddesses and Lords of the Etherian Pantheon

Calendar of Etheria
Here are the months and festivals celebrated by the people of Etheria.

Legends and Lore
These regular posts explore the stories behind the people, places and things seen on Arena and Academy cards.

Ludwig Boltstorm:
Goran, Werewolf Pet:
Celestia and the Angels:
The History of Etheria:
Sistarra, the Grand Academy of Magic:
Laws of Magic:
The Flame Casts Two Shadows
Part 1:
Part 2:

If you are interested in the cosmology and magic of the Mage Wars universe, you can find out a lot in this post:

Main Story Lines
The official main storyline comes from the Organized Play (OP) kits, which get sent out to gaming stores, along with promo cards. They are then posted online for the main community to read and enjoy as well.

Here's a list, and a link where you can read them.
OP 1: Westlock: Dark Prophets
     • OP_DPPROLOGUE, Sean McCoy
     • OP_DP1: Death of a High Priest, Sean McCoy
     • OP_DP2: To Save a Priestess, Sean McCoy
     • OP_DP3: A Warlock in Disguise, Sean McCoy
     • OP_DP4: Temples Burning, Sean McCoy

OP 2: Allegiance in Blood
     • OP_ABPROLOGUE, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_AB1: The Rite of Visions, Thomas Allen
     • OP_AB2: The Ascension of Trokoth the First, Thomas Allen
     • OP_AB3: Small Minds Laid Waste, Thomas Allen
     • OP_AB4: Truth Like Blood, William Niebling
     • OP_AB5: Enemies Without and Within, William Niebling
     • OP_AB6: Inquisition of the Mind, William Niebling
     • OP_AB7: A Paladin’s Virtue, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_AB8: Siegfried’s Challenge, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_AB9: Honor Brought with Blood, Aaron Brosman

OP 3: Unholy Tides
     • OP_UTPROLOGUE, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_UT1: Into the Eyrie, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_UT2: The Court of Towers, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_UT3: Into the Heart of Darkness, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_UT4: Encircled in Darkfenne, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_UT5: The Trail of Death, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_UT6: Death That Should Not Be, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_UT7: The Renewing Spring, Aaron Brosman
     • OP_UT8: The Dead Lake, Aaron Brosman

OP 4: Converging Fronts
     • OP CFPROLOGUE, Aaron Brosman
     • OP CF1: Favor for a Nation, Aaron Brosman
     • OP CF2: First of the Spires, Aaron Brosman
     • OP CF3: Reflections of Guilt, Aaron Brosman
     • OP CF4: The Weight of War, Aaron Brosman
     • OP CF5: Lessons Old and New, Aaron Brosman
     • OP CF6: Path of Might, Aaron Brosman
     • OP CF7: Illusory Preparation, Aaron Brosman
     • OP CF8: Uninvited Guests, Aaron Brosman

OP 5: Malignant Intentions
     • OP MIPROLOGUE, Aaron Brosman

In addition, Mage Wars has a published novel, written by Will McDermott. Although there is nothing in the book that definitively places it anywhere along the OP timeline, I think you can probably peg it to sometime in the OP IV/V range.

Mage Wars: Nature of the Beast, Will McDermott

There are also two "forum canon" story lines that exist (and continue to run). They draw on the same "global" events, but have characters that are specific to their individual stories. In general, these story lines seek to flesh out the Mage Wars experience to something broader than arena combat, and feel more like an RPG world set in the Etheria universe.

Both begin around the start of OP Kit V and run concurrently. 

Forum Canon
The Wanderings of Amadseer the Cursed
1. Concerning the Emerald Tegu, Amadseer (Chris Henson)

2. Concerning the Darkfenne, Amadseer (Chris Henson)

3. Concerning Deathfangs and Warlords, Amadseer (Chris Henson)

4. Concerning the Orcish Slave Trade and Priestesses, Amadseer (Chris Henson)

5. Concerning Necropian Vampires and the Bog Queen, Amadseer (Chris Henson)

6. Concerning Thorg and the Sunken Temple of Necropoli, Amadseer (Chris Henson)

7. Concerning Concerning Ichthellids and Catacombs, Amadseer (Chris Henson)

Arraxia Rising
1. ARRAXIA RISING: The Chamber of Embers, Sabrath_Kell (Chris Henson)

2. ARRAXIA RISING: The Circles of Fire, Sabrath_Kell (Chris Henson)

3. ARRAXIA RISING: A View From Infernia, Sabrath_Kell (Chris Henson)

4. ARRAXIA RISING: Strategy and Sectarus, Sabrath_Kell (Chris Henson)

5. ARRAXIA RISING: Understanding the Dark School of Magic, Sabrath_Kell (Chris Henson)

Battle Lines
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Hope this helps!
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