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How do I start a Tournament in my local gamestore?

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Okay thanks everyone!!! ;)

I'll read it all properly tommorow morning ( I'm from Belgium) 22.00h here atm....
I have a gameing club in Sint-Niklaas for the Belgians among us ;)


Ok  I`ve read it all.

Now I can start looking for a date and players :)

Thanks again guys ;)

There are other enthusiastic Belgian players, have you had any contact with pete2?  He is Belgian as well. 

Hi Kiwipaul, and hi HerrMaximuss,

Well yes, i must admit...i'm Belgian and i LOOOOOOOVE mage wars ! I've been playing MW for a bit more than a year now, and i own all the expansions (and FIF since this weekend !), a Selesnya playmat, quite some promo's and the OP kit converging fronts...i've gotten my hands on these with the help from Alfiya Pope last year..

and there is just one podcast i keep listening to : mage wars mondays from level-up !!!!  i 'm a big fan of Scott's, as i was already looking at his shows when he did his critical reviews..and he was no VP at AW yet..

i've also had a couple of games on OCTGN..but i don't play there on a regular basis...

i was introduced by my neighbour into MW, who's quite a good player (he intro'ed me into boardgames in general) My first real boardgame was Descent, and after that we played Chaos in the old world, axis and allies, Summoner wars, king of tokyo, VTE and Magic...but Mage Wars really stood out, and it is the game that we just keep playing over and over just keeps being soooo challenging ! We keep building new spellooks, and when we loose with one build, we rebuild or we choose another mage, to battle eachother again and again...

I know one other guy who plays MW and who's the founder of the "Mage Wars Belgium" facebook page, maybe you should look him up : Mathias Gezel.  I've met him at the game convention "Zomerspel" in Ghent and he's a real spontaneous guy.

I saw that you have your shop in St-Niklaas, and guess what : I live in Antwerp, Linkeroever, just 20 min. from you ! Could you give the name of your shop ? i will definitely pay you a visit one of these days !

C ya !

By the way : Tomorrow night i will be fighting my neighbour with the new warlord for the first time..and i'm quite excited..tonight i'll be doing some tweaking to my build..hope i will crush him ! if i can win, i'll post a little report !  ;)

Wow okay thanks!!

Wel thats a good idea Pete ;)

Wel actualy it isn't really a strore more like a gaming club but we have a boardgame shop as a partner ;)

Here is the link of our site: (if this is permitted?)

Just make an account and come see us on one off the days that we're open :)
Sent me a PM in advance, then I'll come to so that we can discuss some things :)
Like how to start a tournament.

And bring your neighbour along!!!! :O


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